The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 59
by Monte Cook

Whispers from the Dark! As Phillip Shandler gains refuge aboard the docked vessel, The Eagle, to further strategize his dogged intent to thwart the machinations of the vril-ya and their Nazi cohorts, his thoughts are visited (and violated) by a sinister (yet familiar) presence - Nyarlathotep! The Dark Man seeks to entertain Phillip's inquiring mind with notions of his diabolical purpose, and what better audience to usher in the end of all things than the lone human that continues to serve as a proverbial thorn in his side? But, if the Great Old One's revelation isn't disconcerting enough, the thought of sacrificing The Star of Unseen Stars fills Phillip with even deeper dread!

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 58
by Monte Cook

Tower of Power! With the arrival of The Eagle on Antarctica's icy shores, Phillip Shandler (anxiously) takes leave of the anchored vessel, preferring the bitterly cold climes of the snow-covered continent over the chill of Nyarlathotep's knowing presence. Shadowing the Nazi regiment to an outpost not far from the ship, Phillip proceeds to reconnoiter the various buildings in hopes of gleaning some comprehension of the activities inside. However, his findings bode ill — as he uncovers more vril-ya stationed at the compound, and a monstrous structure in the midst of construction: a metal tower laden with glimmering stones — gems that distinctly resemble The Star of Unseen Stars!

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 57
by Monte Cook

Dark Tide! As The Eagle continues its fated course to Antarctica and a date with destiny and the Great Old One, Hastur, Phillip Shandler attempts to garner whatever knowledge he can glean of the vessel’s manifest and destination while yet secreted among the ship's cargo. But, if Nazi occultists, arcane scientists, and the dark god Nyarlathotep weren't enough to stir his trepidation, the sudden, dead silence of the once-vocal Star of Unseen Stars fills him with deeper dread!

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 56
by Monte Cook

Dark Passage! Convinced the Germans are working with the Vril-Ya to perform a ritual to loose the dread entity, Hastur, upon the unknowing world, Phillip takes a chilling detour to Berlin, slipping on board "The Eagle", a seafaring vessel secured by the Vril Society secretly bound for Antarctica. Now, huddled in the deepest hold, all Phillip can do is bide his time and avoid detection by the crew. At least, that's what he had initially conceded to. But, after days of secreting himself, boldness (or boredom) gets the best of him, and further exploration of the ship's interior confirms his suspicions, as well as reveals the presence of another stowaway - the stasis-laden essence of the 'Dark Man', Nyarlathotep!

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 55
by Monte Cook

In the midst of a rapidly escalating war in Europe, Phillip Shandler is conflicted - not only against the ruthless German forces hunting him (and the Star of Unseen Stars), but also with his own, troubled thoughts. While stowing away on a train bound through the heart of Germany, Phillip manages to eavesdrop on a conversation whispered among German officers seated in the car (spoken in a language previously unknown to him, but now can clearly comprehend) of the Vril-Ya, their connection to the Teutonic Knights, and a secret project rooted in the "the bottom of the world" - Antarctica! But, most chilling, is a single utterance - a name that echoes terribly in Phillips mind - "Hastur!"

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 54
by Monte Cook

Seeking to escape the entrapment of Moravia, now a German protectorate under military control, Phillip Shandler is a fugitive on the run, barely able to stay ahead of Reiner and his Nazi hounds, who doggedly pursue him (and the Star of Unseen Stars in his possession). Skirting from village to village, Phillip manages to find a safe-haven. But, his respite is short-lived, as Reiner's forces have tracked him to a narrow stretch of farmland, forcing Phillip to take desperate measures and turn to the gem and its untapped potential to shed a doorway out of his predicament - otherwordly powers he has yet begun to fathom, nor the terrible price he must ultimately pay for using them!

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 53
by Monte Cook

Snake In the Grass! With the German occupation of western Czechoslovakia deeply entrenched, the Nazi presence (and scrutiny) is notoriously heightened, especially towards those of Jewish and noticeably foreign descent. Knowing it's only a matter of time before he (and his much-coveted gem) is ousted by the brutish Reiner and his Gestapo, Phillip Shandler takes matters into his own, determined hands, hastily stashing the Star of Unseen Stars in an earthen cache while he steals away into the night to reconnoiter the dark alleyways for a viable escape route. Confident of his decision, he returns to retrieve the gem from its hiding place — but, to his horror, discovers something infernal remaining in its stead — some-thing with pitched hiss and piercing fangs!

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 52
by Monte Cook

In the wake of his traumatic, otherworldly ordeal with Adriana, Phillip Shandler - yet recovering in a hospital in German-occupied western Czechoslovakia - is relieved that the Star of Unseen Stars is back into his possession (and protection). However, with the Nazi presence looming in the region, it's only a matter of time before his safe-haven soon becomes a prison. To affirm his fears, he's frequently visited by Reiner, a German operative with connections to the Ostrava police district, who has expressed, keen interest in the wayward 'American', his encounters at Chanov Castle, and the specific whereabouts of a certain starborn gem.

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 51
by Monte Cook

In the Shadow of Hastur! The Unspeakable One. Him Who Is Not to be Named. In the ancient passages of the Kniha Tajomstiev, or "Book of Secrets," Hastur is an eldritch, other-dimensional denizen - a Great Old One - and his presence heralds the ruin of all he surveys. Swept up in the wake of chaos and destruction brought on by its monstrous presence, Phillip Shandler makes a final, desperate attempt to retrieve the Star of Unseen Stars from the clutches of Adriana - before all is lost!

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The Shandler Chronicles Chapter 50
by Monte Cook

Something Wicked This Way Comes! Barely at his wits end, Phillip finds foothold for his dwindling sanity in the dimensional haze he's stumbled into: Adriana. Housed in a luxurious mansion overlooking the city proper, and oblivious, apparently, to Phillip's careful observation due in no small part to Crowley's device on his person, Adriana ambles about her business, idly biding her time. Waiting... for what? The answer comes soon enough in the form of ominous, dark clouds gathering in the distance, growing nearer and more imposing each day. However, it's not the threat of the brewing storm, but the monstrous, shadowy figure looming at its heart that fills him with dread!

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