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Evil Genius: Deathray

If You Build It, They Will Run! Have you ever dreamed of being an Evil Genius? Perhaps you've already begun your career by experimenting with lasers and uranium. Every Evil Genius needs a deathray to make global leaders bow to his or her every whim.

Evil Genius: Deathray enables you to design and craft a devious machine of global domination, while scheming, competing against, and sabatoging other Evil Geniuses to complete your WMD first. From guidance systems and power sources to weapons and ammo, you and your minion plug each piece into place, while competing against (and sabatoging) other Evil Geniuses to complete your death ray first.

More powerful upgrades come with the risk of malfunctions. Some components and weapons generate unusual magnetic fields, shower opponents with sparks, shear from their bolts from meltdowns, shake loose, or burst from the great pressure they exert. Using Action Cards, Evil Geniuses battle by attacking opponents' Deathrays, stealing components, breaking weapons, calling in political favors, and sending their Minions in to perform other covert operations.

Let the darkness flow through you as you build your deathray to your exacting specifications and make your dream of mutually assured destruction a reality!

Evil Genius: Deathray


SRP: $30.00

Evil Genius: Deathray

This collection of the darkest, most inappropriate humor Vile Genius could dig up from depravity is yours for the taking! For adults only, this expansion for Evil Genius: Deathray features 49 cards of extremely dark and adult humor. Enjoy the darker side of life, but don`t expect any cookies.


SRP: $15.00