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Hero Realms Deckbuilding Game

For a millennium, the Empire was at war. Fueled by military precision and an unprecedented alliance with dragons, the Imperial Armies knew countless victories and few defeats. The Empire grew until its greatest enemy was not any of the barbarian nations to the east, but its own unmanageable size. At the frontier, victories and expansion were replaced by an endless cycle of rebellion and re-conquest.

Weary of war, the Emperor crafted a bold new strategy: peace through trade. One-hundred-seventy years ago, he ordered the establishment of Thandar, an independent frontier trading post at the confluence of the four great rivers. Though many argued that peace with the wild tribes was impossible, trade flourished and the trading post quickly grew to a town, then into a small city, and beyond.

Hero Realms is set in and around the sprawling metropolis that Thandar has grown into. The city-state is now home to folk from all the species and nations of the known world. But, while Thandar's trade has delivered its promised peace to nations, the wealth generated by its trade spurs endless political and physical conflict amongst its residents.

Featuring multiplayer formats like Free-For-All, Hunter, and Hydra, the Hero Realms Starter Box comes complete with 144 beautifully illustrated cards, including scorecards and starting decks for four players.

Hero Realms Deckbuilding Game

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