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Fate RPG: Eclipse Phase - Transhumanity's Fate Campaign Setting

SKU: PSI PS21003

SRP: $19.99

Fate RPG: Eclipse Phase - Transhumanity's Fate Campaign Setting

In Transhumanity's Fate, you play secret agents protecting the scattered remnants of transhumanity from threats that could wipe it out once and for all. You might be a crusading hacktivist, an anarchist militia fighter, a planet-hopping xenoscientist, a psychic detective, or a social networker owed favors by all the right people. You're a transhuman - a genetically modified human, an intelligent animal, a mind in a robotic shell, or even a bodiless artificial generalized intelligence. Your body is heavily upgraded, and your mind can communicate with every electronic device around it. You'll need every advantage, because you're up against mutants infected with an alien virus, WMD dealers, corrupted AGI god-minds, shifty amoeboid alien merchants, rampaging alien wildlife, and the ultimate threat: transhumanity's own self-destructive capabilities.

Transhumanity's Fate brings techno-thriller espionage and horror in the world of Eclipse Phase to the Fate Core system.