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Race for the Galaxy & Expansions


Explore! Settle! Develop! Trade! Consume! Which do you need most?

Which of Earth's former colonies will be most successful at settling the galaxy now that JumpDrive exists? Who will discover the secrets of the mysteriously vanished Alien Overlords?

Your goal: to build the most prosperous and powerful space empire!

Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion Expansion

After settlers encounter a violent xenophobic race, the Xenos, the galaxy finds itself under relentless assault. No negotiation is possible! Long-lost Alien secrets may hold the key to defeating these attacks. Can you build the most prosperous and powerful space empire while defending it from Xeno invasions?

SKU: RGG 511

SRP: $24.95

Race For the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts

This expansion for Race for the Galaxy takes the core game to exciting, new dimensions, and is not compatible with any of the previous expansions. Alien Artifacts introduces five new start worlds, plus a set of action cards and start hand for a fifth player, and optional rules for an Alien Orb which players jointly map and explore, gaining artifact tokens of various types that provide powers and VPs.

SKU: RGG 450

SRP: $24.95

Race For the Galaxy: The Brink of War Expansion

As conflicts spread, galactic prestige becomes all-important, both to extract concessions and to fend off attackers. Meanwhile, the Alien departure point is located and the Uplift Overseers arise. This expansion introduces new start worlds, goals, game cards, and rules for galactic prestige to Race for the Galaxy, as well as new solitaire game counters and drafting rules for six players.

SKU: RGG 416

SRP: $24.95

Race For The Galaxy: Rebel VS Imperium Expansion

As the Imperium crushes outlying systems, Rebel worlds begin to ally, politically and militarily. Meanwhile, the Uplift Code, within the genomes of the Alien Overlords' former servitor races, is being sequenced. Can you build the most prosperous and powerful space empire in a galaxy where border conflicts rage?

SKU: RGG 386

SRP: $24.95

Race For The Galaxy: The Gathering Storm Expansion

As knowledge of JumpDrive spreads, an ancient race stirs, while another flees a world doomed by a dying sun. The Imperium grows in strength, provoking further resistance and the hiring of mercenaries. Can you build the most prosperous and powerful space empire in a galaxy edging towards war? The first expansion for Race for the Galaxy, The Gathering Storm adds new cards, a 5th player, and other ways to expand your universe.

SKU: RGG 363

SRP: $24.95

Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy is a science fiction empire-building game where players build galactic civilizations through the strategic utilization of game cards that represent worlds or technical and social developments.

SKU: RGG 301

SRP: $34.95