GTM #200 - Mutant Chronicles RPG
Reviewed by Thomas Riccardi

The solar system has been ravaged by an onslaught of death and war that seems to devour everything in its path. The inner worlds have been wiped clean of any life and the dark forces are looking to expand ever outward. These heretics have only one goal: to destroy all of mankind! Do you have what it takes to stand up to this latest threat, or will you be one of the unlucky few that will be swept up in this annihilation? This is the setting of the roleplaying game from Modiphius based off the ever-popular miniatures wargame, Mutant Chronicles!

At a glance, you’ll notice that Mutant Chronicles is unlike most of the other RPG’s on the market today. Unlike other games where you simply roll up stats and you’re done in minutes, it boasts a comprehensive character creation system, where you are creating a character with a detailed history and backstory. All the stats that a character has to start out with is five, but as the character progresses through his/her life path it might add or take away points from those attributes. You will also be able to play in one of the iconic factions that make up the Mutant Chronicles universe. Will you be part of the Imperials? Or maybe the noble Mishima? All these as well as the Brotherhood, Cartel and Whitestar are included in this massive tome.

The rules system for Mutant Chronicles is based off a 2d20 system to keep the game fast-paced and action-packed. Instead of having varying mechanics that can be used for different portions of the game, this system is streamlined across the board. This is done by the GM assigning a rating to the tasks at hand and players attempting to roll that number or less to succeed at any given task. You will be using this for not only skill resolution and combat, but for vehicles and starships as well.  Imagine having your characters in an armored security van rushing through the city as you try to take down the heretics and their insidious plans? This and more can be resolved with this system and it makes the game easier to learn and more fun to play. The only other dice this game utilizes is a d6, which is used to gauge the amount of corruption that a character has been inflicted with, and Dark Symmetry dice, which are used for perilous or traumatic situations as well as to gauge the corruption that the characters may endure.

The bulk of this core book is dedicated to the Mutant Chronicles universe and gives players an in-depth look at a world that was only previously hinted at. All of the major corporations are covered — from its history and how it was founded, to what the company believes in and how it is organized. Each corporation details not only tactics, but how business is employed. Also covered in great detail are the weapons and equipment that are used by each corporation, grouped into various categories for ease of use. From the .74 M13 ‘Bolter’ pistol to the Sanctus AC-19 ‘Volcano’ assault rifle, each of these arms is displayed in glorious detail. But, also covered are the Dark Legion, which is the twisted creatures that have had their souls corrupted making them into horrific monsters. There are a few different legions that will cause your players madness (and even death!) ranging from undead legionnaires to inhuman razide. There is even a section dedicated to helping the GM run a campaign in this universe by selecting a style of game to run and setting the scenes for the players.

If you’re wondering if this system is for you, but simply cannot afford the core rulebook, you can simply pick up the player’s guide. What the player’s guide contains is the complete character creation system that is introduced in the core rules. But, it also features an introduction to the 2d20 system, which covers combat, weapon, and armor tables to get your character ready for action and an overview of the Mutant Chronicles universe. This is an amazingly informative book that comes at an introductory price!

With a fast-paced system, detailed character creation, and in-depth information on the corporations, as well as the events plaguing the galaxy, Mutant Chronicles is an RPG you need to check out. For more information on this and other games head over to www.modiphius.com and get ready to fight against the forces of the Dark Legion.

  • Number of Players: 2+
  • Age: 12 and up
  • Time: 30-90 minutes
When not writing or playing games, Thomas Riccardi can be found in Sacramento preparing for the day when zombies, vampires, or aliens invade.