GTM #292 - Battlezoo Eldamon
by Roll for Combat


Battlezoo Eldamon by Roll for Combat

Master the Elements and Befriend, Train, Battle, and Evolve 162 Elemental Monsters with Battlezoo Eldamon!

With Battlezoo Eldamon, available for both 5th Edition and Pathfinder 2nd Edition, you can finally befriend, train, battle, and evolve 162 elemental monsters and master 13 diverse elements, each with a different playstyle! The book contains a brand new magic system consisting of 300 elemental powers for use by eldamon and the elemental avatars who channel the power of eldamon within their own souls.

Battlezoo Eldamon by Roll for Combat

Eldamon are elemental monsters who live out of phase with reality, often melding into creatures, objects, or locations that suit their elemental natures. This means that adventurers can encounter eldamon during the course of their normal quests! In fact, Battlezoo Eldamon includes multiple ways to handle eldamon to ensure that the experience is always engaging for your group and never distracts from the main quest… unless you choose together to run a campaign focused around eldamon. Anyone can befriend an eldamon and have them engage in mock battles with other eldamon, but only the new eldamon trainer class can use those eldamon against threats from their own reality, like dragons and giants. 

When an eldamon melds into a creature for a long time, they sometimes become an elemental avatar, a new class perfect for anyone who wants to channel the power of the elements by their own strength. An elemental avatar is more focused on their own element, gaining various mysterious abilities from the synthesis within their souls that even eldamon can’t normally use.

With plenty of lore to discuss the default assumptions for eldamon in your world, as well as how to change those assumptions to tell countless variations of new stories, Battlezoo Eldamon has everything you need to add a brand new system of elemental magic and 162 beautifully-illustrated elemental monsters to your game!

Here’s an excerpt from the introductory chapter to give you a taste of what eldamon are!

Battlezoo Eldamon by Roll for Combat

A World of Eldamon

Eldamon are strange elemental creatures that live hidden in the world’s untamed places, waiting for daring explorers to find and befriend them. They exist across the world and can inhabit nearly any sort of space or location, but they’re frequently in hiding. The majority of eldamon are content to simply coexist with their surroundings, but a select few emerge to engage with the outside world, and those eldamon are just waiting for daring adventurers searching for friends.

But what exactly are eldamon, and where do they come from? This is a question that scholars and theologians have discussed, analyzed, and theorized upon for ages, with no single consensus. Eldamon are seemingly immortal elemental beings as diverse and varied as the world itself, with researchers uncovering, befriending, and cataloging new types of eldamon on a regular basis. While some individual eldamon are quite young, eldamon as a whole are ancient, and some theories consider eldamon to be a part of the creation of the universe or perhaps one of the aftereffects of that process. When most people think of an ancient creature, they might imagine a being so distant and aloof that they don’t deign to interact with mortal beings, but eldamon defy that assumption. Scholars believe that an eldamon’s ability to connect with ephemeral mortals is tied to their unique perspective on the world and the passing of time. After years of discussion, research, and analysis, the consensus opinion is that most eldamon live in the moment without focusing much on history. This leads many eldamon to possess an almost childlike nature and view of the world, even though ancient eldamon might be thousands, millions, or even billions of years old.

Battlezoo Eldamon by Roll for Combat

One aspect that all eldamon share in common is that each is tied to one of twenty specific elements found within the world, the twenty elements revered by the elemental religion known as the Eld. These elements range from the concrete and physical, such as air, earth, fire, water, and wood, to others that might seem a bit abstract or esoteric, such as life, death, space, time, or music. Elementalists who don’t follow the Eld sometimes disagree with the use of the term “element” to describe some of these twenty sources of power for eldamon, but the term has been used this way since ancient times, so attempts by these scholars and theorists to change the terminology are unlikely to succeed.

 Battlezoo Eldamon by Roll for Combat

Key Takeaways about Battlezoo Eldamon:

  • Eldamon trainer class, allowing you to befriend, train, battle, and evolve eldamon you discover during your adventures.
  • Elemental avatar class, allowing you to seize the power of the elements in your own hands and master your element’s playstyle.
  • Brand new magic system of elemental powers, with over 300 powers and 13 elements, each with its own unique playstyle. Carefully control the high and low tides with water, or sow plants with wood to harvest later for a powerful boost!
  • 162 eldamon with a mix of common, uncommon, and rare eldamon from all 13 elements, plus eldamon index (eldadex) entries for each eldamon. Can you find and befriend them all?
  • A comprehensive and engaging lore section providing context for eldamon, default assumptions, and how to change them.
  • Rules for finding and befriending eldamon that work for any group, including ways to embellish for GMs interested in having eldamon fit their adventures and how to simplify it all down so the player can handle everything themself without taking any time for the rest of the table.

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