GTM #292 - DC HeroClix: Masters of Time
by WizKids


DC HeroClix: Masters of Time by WizKids

The Time is Now!

Time travel is one of the most entertaining and enduring themes from DC Comics, and it’s never been so important in a HeroClix set!

DC HeroClix: Masters of Time has everything a HeroClix collector could want: fun new teams, fresh versions of heroes they love, and awesome colossal dinosaurs! In every DC HeroClix: Masters of Time booster brick you’ll find eight standard five-figure HeroClix boosters and one special oversized Jurassic Booster. Inside every Jurassic Booster, you will receive three figures, including a Colossal figure on a 2x2 HeroClix base, and a Team-Up Card!

Explore DC Across Time

DC HeroClix: Masters of Time winds its way across DC's expansive history. It features characters hailing from the dawn of time, champions of the Old West, wartime heroes from the turn of the century, and stretches forward even to the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. This set isn't without contemporary characters though! Justice League: Dark is here to deal with mystical threats from across time, while Young Justice careens through the multiverse across some of DC's most outlandish settings.

From the pages of Time Masters: Vanishing Point comes one of the most recognizable teams to ever travel through the ages – Superman, Booster Gold, Hal Jordan, and Rip Hunter. They came together to find Batman, and they’ll help you defeat your next opponent!

The Time Masters are searching for Batman as part of the Return of Bruce Wayne storyline. In that story, Batman travels through time and readers see brand new incarnations of the Caped Crusader.

DC HeroClix: Masters of Time by WizKids

DC’s Jurassic League is one of the coolest and most surprising takes on the classic team ever. Now they’re ready to bring some colossal beatdown to your next HeroClix game!

DC HeroClix: Masters of Time by WizKids

With four different starting lines, ranging from 50 all the way up to 300 points, Bat Walker can be a key player on your next team or the entire team all by himself. Bat Walker’s Jurassic League trait will let you overcome opposing forces with a larger number of resources than your team may have. If you’re able to land even a single hit on an opposing force you may be able to crack opposing strategies wide open by landing a well-placed Quake!

If there’s one hero who loves a good time, it’s definitely one of the most beloved members of the Teen Titans: Beast Boy! He’s overdue for treatment as a dinosaur, and he’s ready for a breakout performance in this set.

DC HeroClix: Notorious by WizKids

For long-time Beast Boy fans, it’s going to be a ton of fun to swap this Beast Boy for another one from your collection right before he’d get KO’d. By transforming into one of your favorite figures from your collection, you’ll have the chance for a strategic pivot that lets you make a huge comeback.

More Equipment for Your Games

In addition to the exciting DC HeroClix: Masters of Time figures previewed here, the set includes all-new Trick arrows! In some boosters, you may find a Trick Arrow equipment in place of a common figure. Trick Arrows are unlike most equipment done before for HeroClix. Rather than having a single card, a single Trick Arrow has three cards, kept secret from your opponent. The first time a Trick Arrow is equipped, you can choose any of the three Trick Arrow cards and set them face down to create a quiver of surprises for your opponent. You can even include multiples of the same Trick Arrow card, if you choose. Then, when the equipped character hits with an attack, you may reveal one of your facedown Trick Arrow cards to perform that Arrow’s ON REVEAL effect. The ON REVEAL effects of the Trick Arrows can be potent, but there’s a limit on how many times they can be used. Once all three Trick Arrows have been turned face-up, characters with them will have to stick to regular attacks.

The Trick arrows found in DC HeroClix: Masters of Time work with those from other sets as well, so if you are a fan of archers, you may want to fill out your collection. 

This July, head to your friendly local game store to get your hands on DC HeroClix: Masters of Time boosters and other products!