GTM #289 - Starfinder: Mechageddon Adventure Path
by Paizo


Starfinder: Mechageddon by Paizo

Suit Up and Save the World in the Starfinder Mechageddon! Adventure Path!

Welcome to the titanic finale´ of Starfinder First Edition!

A streamlined evolution of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the Starfinder RPG launched in August of 2017, sold out at Gen Con, and won the 2018 Origins Award for Fan Favorite Role-Playing Game.

Starfinder: Mechageddon by PaizoStarfinder: Mechageddon by Paizo

Over the years, Starfinder exploded with even more sci-fi weaponry, magitech, and aliens to battle, befriend, or become—in mysterious celestial adventures. Then, with great excitement, Starfinder finally enabled players to build mechs with the Tech Revolution rulebook in 2021. The new mech system empowered players to design their own titanic battle robots with customizable parts and armaments, then hop into the cockpit and square off against epic threats!

In 2022, starfinders did just that. In Starfinder Adventure: To Defy the Dragon players were called to unearth legendary mechs of old—along with other secrets of the past—and use the ancient tech to defy the dragon! Still sold today, it makes a perfect stand-alone adventure, or an ideal next step for players and GMs who’ve completed other Starfinder adventures.

 Starfinder: Mechageddon by Paizo

Now, in 2024, we celebrate the sunset of Starfinder First Edition with an Adventure Path printed in both hardcover and Special Edition—enter the Starfinder Mechageddon! Adventure Path.

On a rugged world crawling with colossi—terrifying kaiju that demolish cities with fearsome power—courageous mech pilots battle monsters to protect the planet’s people. As the war for control of planet Daimalko rages on, a mysterious third power plots to use an ancient artifact to purge the planet of all life. It’s time for Daimalko’s defenders to suit up against a new threat!

This 184-page hardcover campaign tells the story of rookie mech pilots on Daimalko, starting out as city defenders and venturing to the stars as the heroes become galactic celebrities. This epic campaign spans levels 3 to 18 and features new mechs, bonus adventures designed to slot into the campaign as interludes or stand on their own as one-shots, mech-sized maps, and more. Mechageddon! is an exciting introduction to mech combat and the Starfinder RPG, packed with adventure content and new rules you can use to build the ultimate mech campaign.

 Starfinder: Mechageddon by Paizo

Starfinder Mechageddon! Adventure Path was written by Rigby Bendele, Joseph Blomquist, and Dennis Muldoon and is also available as a special edition hardcover. (The exclamation point in the title is intentional!) The deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark.

This campaign was made by mech fans, for mech fans, as shown in this message from the Narrative Lead: 

Do you dream of jumping in a giant robot and saving the world with your friends? Do you have a shelf full of plastic models? Do you want to fire all the missiles?!

Welcome, mech nerds. This Adventure Path is for you, created by a team of authors and artists who share your passion. Starfinder’s mech combat rules were begging for their own epic-scale adventure, and thus Mechageddon! was born.

The Mechageddon! creative team was inspired by mech media, from military realism to super sentai, and the recurring themes of friendship, loyalty, hope, and courage in the face of fear. It was important for us to make sure this Adventure Path incorporated those themes in ways that a TTRPG party could explore. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of mech-scale combat, too!

This book presents a campaign-length story with scripted encounters, adventure hooks, and suggestions to help you build a Starfinder mech campaign. We creators poured our hearts and souls into Mechageddon! Our experiences, hopes, and fears inspired our work, but this story is yours to shape, and the encounters are yours to customize. Let this book be your launchpad into the mech campaign of your dreams. 

Jenny Jarzabski

Starfinder Senior Developer

 Starfinder: Mechageddon by Paizo

Starfinder Mechageddon! Adventure Path is based on rules set forth in the Core Rulebook and of course, Tech Revolution. We will be reprinting the player-facing mech rules in the Starfinder Mechageddon! Adventure Path Player's Guide, which is a free PDF download that will come out by the time the book releases. 

 Starfinder: Mechageddon by Paizo

The Adventure Path refers to other Starfinder products like the Armory, Alien Archive 3, Alien Archive 4, Character Operations Manual, and Pact Worlds. These additional supplements are not required to make use of the adventure. Readers interested in references to Starfinder hardcovers can find the complete rules available online for free at paizo.com/sfrd or pick them up at their local game store. 

It is also recommended players pick up Starfinder’s two newest rulebooks, Ports of Call and Starfinder Enhanced to maximize all their mech options. The world needs saving and you need to arm your best mechs! 

Starfinder Mechageddon! Adventure Path will be available in May!


Aaron Shanks is the Director of Marketing at Paizo. Author credit goes to the Paizo team—as our tabletop roleplaying games are collaborative, both around the table and our virtual office.