GTM #289 - HeroScape: A View from Valhalla
by Renegade Game Studios



 Heroscape by Renegade Game Studios 

The Heroscape tabletop miniatures game is back in 2024, resurrecting a game that has been out of circulation since 2010.  Since the time Heroscape launched in 2004 there has been, what some would call a “golden age of board games,” where more and more new gamers and casual gamers have dived into the hobby and made it a lifestyle all their own.

The time has come for Heroscape to introduce itself to a new generation of gamers!

Heroscape transports you to the next era of the popular expandable miniature wargaming system.  It includes stunningly detailed pre-painted miniatures that allow you to create your own rich world. Using modular tiles, you build sprawling battlefields on which to play out conflicts between powerful heroes and villains.

There will be three launch configurations for the game ready for players to dive into; an all-new Age of Annihilation Master Set, the entry-level Battle for the Wellspring 2-player Battle Box, and the first entry in the “Heroscape Terrain System” line of game pieces: The Grove at Laur's Edge Terrain Pack.

The Age of Annihilation Master Set follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, offering players 20 new, pre-painted figures for Heroscape, 74 terrain tiles, 11 magical glyphs, customizable wall terrain and 9 brand new scenarios to create hours of nail-biting gameplay. The Master Set supports 2 players and scales up to 4 players with the addition of a Battle Box.

Heroscape by Renegade Game Studios

The Battle for the Wellspring Battle Box is a new offering for Heroscape and contains everything needed for two players to set up and begin The Battle for all Time,” including 6 brand new pre-painted figures for Heroscape featuring pirates from the Dawn Raider Syndicate! In addition to 31 terrain tiles the Battle for Wellspring introduces a new terrain exclusive to this box:  the Wellspring Water!  This new terrain has its own magical properties and 7 are included and can be added to any terrain et up from any to be used with all up to 4 players with the addition of a Master Set and sports four brand new scenarios to support hours of gameplay.

Finally, The Grove at Laur's Edge Terrain Pack is the first entry in the Heroscape Terrain System line, and includes Laur jungle trees, Laur underbrush pieces, and maps to help players create different battlefields for their Heroscape battles. All terrain packs will be backwards and forwards compatible for Heroscape gameplay and is a great way for fans of Heroscape to expand their collections and build ever more intricate custom maps. while also making this terrain system accessible to players from other miniature games who might want to take advantage of Heroscape’s hex-based 3-D goodness!

For those new to the Heroscape game system, or need their memories jogged, the Heroscape rules set comes complete with two levels of play: a basic rules set and a master rule set, that create a very low learning curve and an immediate immersion into the gameplay. In the basic rules, each unit has a character card that is used to determine their strength, movement and damage that can be taken before defeated. The master rules set introduces more advanced concepts with character abilities and build points, allowing players to customize their factions to maximize their play style. Combined with included scenarios that alter the battlefield as well as the objectives for each game as well as nearly limitless terrain configurations…no two games will be the same.

Heroscape by Renegade Game Studios

Just like the original release back in the day, the entire Heroscape experience will include pre-painted fully assembled miniatures that will bring the epic struggle for Valhalla to life on your game table.  And one of the best features is that all the new miniatures and factions are fully compatible with the previously released Heroscape products! While not many gamers now have previous Heroscape figures in their game collections, there are many devoted fans that have embraced the game and kept it alive.

Renegade Game Studios has some special plans for retail stores for the big launch! We know that our friendly local games stores are where the action is! And only with our retail partners’ support will Heroscape become the new phenomenon it is destined to be.  So, we will be offering two different tiers of POP Kits for the launch. The Tier 1 POP kit will include a poster, a window cling and some signage for the register or check out area all featuring cool Heroscape art.   The Tier 2 POP kit will include similar items but mainly will include a Heroscape Branded Demo Table and a free Master Set The table, along with its free Master Set can also be used as an awesome display piece to generate interest and excitement in your store.  In addition, all stores that place a pre-order for the initial wave of Heroscape products will receive Sgt. Alexander Drake Promo figures!

 Heroscape by Renegade Game Studios

Now, some more exciting news. For the first time Heroscape will be launching in stores with Organized Play (OP). That is, players will be able to sign up to play in launch events in stores on day one. Organized play has always been an integral part of any truly successful game line.  Renegade Game Studios’ is going all in to support stores and players with Heroscape goodies that will make the experience second to none.  New tournament software will allow event organizers to sign up and schedule launch party events for their stores. And every store that holds such an event will receive a special OP Launch Party Kit containing the special participation promo miniature: Shiori!   And organized play adventures in Valhalla will continue in the future with future releases, casual play events, tournament play and more. What an amazing opportunity for gamers to learn, play and battle in the best of all environments: the FLGS!

What’s the future of Heroscape? We’ve only scratched the surface. Coming in Q4 of 2024, more Heroscape Miniature Game goodness will find its way to gamers and stores expanding an already rich landscape of creatures and much feared Generals to lead their armies to victory.   And in 2025 join the community as we discover more Heroscape content, promos, events, and adventure! The battle for Valhalla is about to begin. The gates are opening! Will you be battle-ready?