GTM #281 - DC HeroClix: Notorious
by WizKids


 DC HeroClix: Notorious by WizKids

This Summer, the villains reign!

Outlaws. Criminals. Supervillains. Malefactors. Bad Guys. Goons. DC HeroClix: Notorious has them all! We are thrilled to unveil HeroClix's first ever MEGA SET, including an unprecedented 75 figures to collect! This set brings some of the most diabolical denizens of DC Comics to HeroClix, including infamous rogues for Batman, Superman, The Flash and more! Let’s look at a few of the special themes you will find throughout Notorious:

Unleash the Goons of Gotham!

Some of the most successful villains never have to get their hands dirty! DC Comics HeroClix: Notorious has a great selection of henchmen to call on for your various nefarious deeds. When characters with the Expendable Goon trait are KO’d by an opposing character, you can roll a d6 after resolutions. Successful rolls will generate a character with an Expendable Goon trait on its 15-point starting line and sometimes provide you with a thematic bonus. Immerse yourself in the Gotham City Underworld by deploying members of your loyal posse to carry out your plots!

Victory in the Crosshairs

When a treacherous task requires efficiency and skill, an astute criminal mastermind often turns to the aid of an assassin! DC Comics HeroClix: Notorious is full of discreet professionals with The Target trait. At the beginning of the game, friendly characters with this trait will allow you to assign a Target token to an opposing character. When a friendly character with the Assassin keyword KO’s an opposing character with a Target token, your force will score 25 victory points. It’s good to be bad!

Good Guys Gone Bad

The Absolute Power storyline imagines a startling alternate reality in which two of the greatest heroes of all time, Batman and Superman, instead become two of the most powerful villains. The Legion of Super Villains – led by Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, and Cosmic King – pull off a scheme to eliminate the Justice League of America. They spare young Batman and Superman, who they raise as ruthless dictators of the new world. What follows is an epic struggle that transcends time and space as the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

Saturn Queen by WizKidsCosmic King by WizKids

Bad Guys Gone Good

The Suicide Squad is a group of imprisoned super-villains who perform high-risk missions for the government in exchange for shorter prison sentences. Their commander is Amanda Waller, who runs the organization out of Belle Reve, a prison for metahuman fugitives. The roster for the squad constantly changes, but you can always count on the line-up to include some of your favorite baddies.

The Classic Criminals

The Legion of Doom is perhaps the most prestigious band of bad guys the world has ever known. Villains of every flavor gather in the Hall of Doom to dream up devious schemes and plots of world domination. Infamous members include Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Brainiac, and so many more. Build the evil theme team of your dreams – or nightmares!

Harley’s Gang

The Harley Quinn Animated Series from HBO-Max follows the misadventures of Harley and her gang of lovable misfits after a split from the Joker. As her first act of independence, Harley Quinn is determined to prove herself as a competent villain and join the Legion of Doom. As she struggles to find her own identity, she bonds with Poison Ivy and her new friends, including Sy Borgman and Frank the Plant. Harley and her crew are ready to kick butt and take names in Gotham City!

Poison Ivy Play At Home Kit by WizKids

Play at Home Kits have become a HeroClix staple and are a great way of getting exciting figures, HeroClix maps, and extra goodies directly to players! The Notorious Play at Home Kit features Poison Ivy in her Harley Quinn Animated Series style. With an awesome sculpt featuring floriferous tendrils, she is sure to dominate the battlefield and cultivate a winning strategy.

Riddler by WizKids

We know players are eagerly awaiting release day, and we have got some exciting treats for Notorious Release Day Organized Play! Celebrate the release of this nefarious set with the exclusive new Riddler prize figure! This version of the Riddler comes with his own diabolical Mystery Card and players will have the chance to win a Legacy Card at in-store events! Look at this exclusive preview of the exclusive Riddler figure and card!

Riddler Card front by WizKidsRiddler Card back by WizKids

Notorious makes being bad look better than ever. Classic villains like Lex Luthor and The Joker are obviously part of the mix, but there are also awesome characters from the new Harley Quinn Animated Series. The baddest HeroClix to ever hit shelves is sure to be one of the best yet! Find it in stores later this Summer.