GTM #272 - Marvel HeroClix: Hellfire Gala Premium Set
by WizKids


 Marvel HeroClix: Hellfire Gala logo


“The whole world is watching us now. We must be nothing less than fabulous.”

-Emma Frost, New X-men 122, 2002

 Hellfire Gala Jean Grey

Roll Out the Green Carpet

Just as minority groups face challenges in our own world, mutants were often subjected to microscopic scrutiny. For generations, Mutantkind endured discrimination and persecution for being different. In pursuit of a better world, the X-Men established their own society on the living island of Krakoa. Emma Frost’s powerful words culminated in her presentation of the Hellfire Gala. The solstice soiree of century marked Mutantkind’s arrival and served as an inaugural celebration of mutant culture. The glamorous host beckoned stars of every flavor, and of course no one could decline an invitation from the ice queen. The 2021 Hellfire Gala crossover event spanned twelve comic issues and delivered engaging narrative and fabulous artwork to readers. The new Marvel HeroClix: Hellfire Gala Premium Collection of eight premium figures captures some of the most iconic looks from the green carpet of Krakoa!

 Hellfire Gala Emma Frost

Presenting Mutantkind

Prolific comic illustrator, Russell Dauterman, reimagined classic X-Men costumes as high-caliber fashion pieces worthy of the gala. The sculpts in The Hellfire Gala Premium Collection are plucked right from the pages of Dauterman’s creation. Jean Grey is a standout even among her elite counterparts, looking breathtaking in green with a flowing cape and headdress. No detail was spared on the figures or packaging, adding to the elegance of the collection. With design inspired by the canon gala invitation, the collector’s box features a magnetic closure and red flocked insert, invoking the look and feel of red velvet.

Hellfire Gala Powers and Abilities Card

The Powers and Abilities card also got a facelift for its inclusion in this set, notably gold and black detailing. However, it is the character cards that really shine. Beautiful monochromatic character sketches and a large red X are prominently featured on these double-wide, double-sided cards that also mimic the style of a Hellfire Gala invitation. Make no mistake, the X-Men are here to stay, and they will look stunning all the while!

 Hellfire Gala Cyclops

High Fashion, High Stakes

Even though this set focuses on collector value, these figures were specifically designed to be competitive play pieces, as well. Each character features a Hellfire Gala trait that grants them a special effect triggered by rolling fives (notice that five pips looks suspiciously like an ‘X’). Additionally, any of the figures will find synergy within an X-Men theme team as a leader or support. The belle of the ball, Emma Frost, will be able to make some quick moves and swing hard and wide with Pulse Wave. Jean Grey, another powerful leading lady, is embracing the cutthroat world of fashion, focusing on dealing damage despite an opponent’s defensive tactics. The Hellfire Gala Premium Collection delivers as a conversation piece both on display and on the table.

 Hellfire Gala Wolverine

Fashion Forward

For twenty years HeroClix has thrust comic book characters from the pages into action. Loyal players will not be disappointed with the competitive quality of these figures. However, The Hellfire Gala Premium Collection is a product with great crossover appeal. X-Men enthusiasts, comic book collectors, armchair fashionistas, and novice gamers can all find value in this set. In the future, WizKids hopes to offer even more inclusive HeroClix products that can provide enjoyable experiences to all levels of gamers and non-players alike. HeroClix can be enjoyed by a variety of people regardless of age, experience, or background. The Hellfire Gala is a symbolic testament to that diversity and inclusion within such a cherished hobby. Celebrate Mutantkind and HeroClix with The Marvel HeroClix: Hellfire Gala Premium Collection

 Hellfire Gala Box Art