GTM #270 - Here to Sleigh
by Unstable Games


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Dashing through the snow, an expanded Here to Sleigh! In this festive expansion pack for Here to Slay, you’ll find new card types, fun holiday artwork, and a brand new win condition! When playing with this expansion, you’ll complete objectives and gather Gift cards in your quest to win the game. But watch out, because not every Gift will be exactly what you expect. Good Gifts will get you closer to victory, but Garbage Gifts come with negative effects. The first person to gather three Good Gifts wins the game!

The Here to Sleigh Expansion Pack is for 2-4 players ages 10+ and has a 30-60 minute playtime. It includes 20 standard-sized cards, 22 Gift cards, 4 Holiday Overlay cards, 4 Checklist cards, 10 Checklist clips, and 1 rule book.

This pack is chock full of adorable holiday artwork, new card types, and Holiday Overlay cards that give existing Party Leaders some festive flair and special effects. Whether you are a Gift Bearer or a Gift Bag Bandit, fun and mischief abound as you get into the giving (and getting!) season.

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At the beginning of the game, each player selects a Holiday Overlay card to place over the Party Leader of their choice. These cards give Party Leaders brand new effects that will get them holiday-ready and help you get closer to winning the game with the brand new win condition.

Here to Sleigh will hit shelves during Q3 of 2022, so it will be just in time for the upcoming holiday season! Keep reading to learn about the holly jolly new card types and win conditions!

With the Here to Sleigh Expansion Pack, the classic Here to Slay play area gains a new Stockpile, the area in front of you where you’ll collect Gift cards throughout the game. The object of the game is to be the first player to add three Good Gifts to your Stockpile. These Gift cards come in two types, Good Gifts and Garbage Gifts. Good Gift cards, like Rudolph’s Nose or a pair of Warm Socks, come with benefits that will help you in your quest to get presents. Garbage Gift cards, like the Really Itchy Sweater or Potluck Surprise, bring negative effects.

These new card types come with new actions, so you will be able to Exchange or Regift Gift cards that you get. Regift means you can move a Gift card in your Stockpile to any other player’s Stockpile. Exchange means you can move a Gift card in your Stockpile to the bottom of the Gift deck, then add the top card from the Gift deck to your Stockpile.

You’ll encounter multiple effects throughout the game on Party Leaders, Item cards, Hero cards, and Gift cards that allow you to Regift or Exchange a Gift card in your Stockpile. Additionally, each time you successfully win a Challenge that you initiated, you may Regift or Exchange a Gift card in your Stockpile. But beware, you can never have more than five Gift cards in your Stockpile. Don’t get greedy!

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So, how do you get more Gift cards in your Stockpile? You get your Checklist and check it twice, of course! The Checklist is a list of objectives you must complete in order to add Gift cards to your Stockpile. If you add a Good Gift card to your Stockpile by achieving one of the objectives listed, you place a Checklist clip next to the completed objective on the Checklist card. However, you will not place a clip next to the objective if you add a Garbage Gift card to your Stockpile–that space will stay open so you can collect a Good Gift. If you complete an objective that already has a clip next to it on your Checklist card, you may not add an additional Gift card to your Stockpile.

This expansion pack also comes with 12 new Hero cards! Gift Bearer the Fighter is ready to battle for presents while Fireplace Fugitive the Thief is content with swiping their stash. Snow Slinger the Guardian isn’t afraid to launch a few snowballs to defend their goods, and Prancer the Ranger will dance across snowdrifts to find some gifts. Of course, Christmas Carol the Bard will provide the musical entertainment and yuletide spirit. You’ll also be getting two new Item cards, Milk and Cookies and Freshly Sharpened Skates, which allow you to Exchange a Gift card under certain circumstances.

Looking for more holiday fun? You can deck the halls with Unicorn folly in the Unstable Unicorns Christmas Special Expansion Pack! Go caroling, build a Snowmancorn, or polish off an entire box of candy canes by yourself. Whatever you do, remember to Jingle All the Neigh! (No really, that’s the festive Neigh card.)

This pack includes new Characters cards, Magic cards, Upgrade cards, and Downgrade cards. The Unstable Unicorns Christmas Special Expansion Pack pairs with the Unstable Unicorns Base Game, is for 2-8 players ages 8+, and has a 30-60 minute playtime.

This Unstable Unicorns expansion pack is full of merry puns, with new Magical Unicorn cards like Mariah Karaokecorn, Fa La Llamacorn, and Nutcrackercorn. If you’re not feeling full of Christmas cheer, you can still whip out a Neigh card to stop another player in their tracks. Sabotage other players with Downgrade cards like Humbug and Uneaten Fruitcake, and use new Magic cards like the delicious Nog Wild card.

Add Here to Sleigh and the Unstable Unicorns Christmas Special to your game shelf and you won’t have a single dull moment this holiday season!

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