GTM #257 - Magical Kitties Save the Day
by Atlas Games




You are CUTE, you are CUNNING, you are FIERCE … and it’s time to SAVE THE DAY!

Every magical kitty has a human. Every human has a problem. In the Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG, you're a magical kitty who uses your special power to solve problems and save the day. But kitties live in hometowns that are filled with witches, aliens, hyper-intelligent raccoons, and other foes. They make human problems worse and are a real pain in your tail, so kitties go on adventures to stop them! 


Magical Kitties Save the Day is the new all-ages roleplaying game that SOLD OUT in a matter of months after its original release in January. Now Atlas Games is bringing it back this summer as a second printing. It comes as a big boxed set packed full of goodies, like a set of six translucent blue dice, 48 double-sided Kitty Treat tokens, and a pad of 50 full-color character sheets. Add the core Rulebook, the River City hometown and poster map, and a graphic novel that introduces the game system, and you've got a recipe for some very happy kitties – and happy kiddies, too!

Magical Kitties Save the Day has it all:

⭐ It's a roleplaying game designed for all ages to enjoy, that's purr-fect as an introduction to the hobby.

⭐ The elegantly simple rules system puts the emphasis on storytelling.

⭐ Its setting and characters are already familiar to players, who love them from the start.



If you’ve been looking for a way to introduce your friends and family to roleplaying games, Magical Kitties is the perfect game to do it! When you open the box, sitting right on top is The Big Adventure, a solo-play graphic novel adventure. This action-packed comic book is also a full scenario. Within moments, you’ll create your magical kitty and go on an amazing adventure that will also teach you how to play the game.

After that, older players can game master for kids as young as six years old (and everyone else who loves kitties). Magical Kitties also includes tools and guidance for kids to start running it on their own, as their first GMing experience!



Playing Magical Kitties is easy! You have 3 attributes – Cute, Cunning, and Fierce. You also have a Talent, a Flaw, and a Magical Power. When your kitty is trying to do something difficult, you’ll build a pool of six-sided dice with:

⭐ Dice equal to Cute, Cunning, or Fierce (whichever one you’re using)

⭐ An extra die if you’re using your Talent

⭐ Two extra dice if you’re using your Magical Power


The GM sets a difficulty from 3 to 6, and then you roll your dice pool. Each die that rolls equal to or higher than the difficulty is a success. The number of successes you rolled determines the outcome:

In Magical Kitties Save the Day, it’s not just about whether or not you succeed; It’s about HOW you succeed. The complications and bonuses generated by rolls drive the action forward in unexpected and exciting ways, as you discover the story together.

Magical Kitties emphasizes the fun of roleplaying without sacrificing the rules:

⭐ Character generation takes just 5 minutes.

⭐ The dice are always in the players' hands, not the GM's.

⭐ Players get Kitty Treats that let them change the story. You earn Kitty Treats by roleplaying your Flaw.

No one ever dies in Magical Kitties. If you take too many Owies, you're just knocked out or “incapacitated” for the scene.

⭐ You get XP when you fail a roll. And for saving the day, of course!



With the reprint, new Magical Kitties releases are also making their debut:

The Power Up! sourcebook features all-new powers, epic stunts and foes, and high-level adventures for taking your game to the next level. There are even guidelines for designing your own Magical Powers!

Fantastica is the fairytale hometown that's a sanctuary for all that is magical. Here, kitties don't need to hide their powers as they try to foil the evil Queen Carnelian, whose magic hunters prowl the kingdom in secret. If you can’t stop them, they'll corrupt the source of all magic!

The Series Workbook Pack includes one (1) Our Hometown Workbook for GMs and four (4) My Kitty Workbooks for players. These full-color journal-sized workbooks record your hometown details and track your kitty krew's progress with a deluxe character sheet. They're the perfect gift for a new GM, making running your first game as easy as turning the page!


Don't fur-get these extra “kitty toys” for Magical Kitties Save the Day already in print:

Character Sheet Pad: Did your magical kitties claw up all your character sheets? This extra pad of 50 full-color pre-printed character sheets will muffle their mewling for more.

Kitty Paw Dice Set: This set of six BIG 20mm dice is a magical translucent blue with sparkles and custom-engraved kitty paws. It's the purr-fect addition to your game!

Kitty Treat Tokens: The 16 premium wood Kitty Treat tokens in this set are are a fur-tastic upgrade for your Magical Kitties game!

Kitty Cards: A deck of 108 full-color Talent, Flaw, and Magical Power cards, designed to speed up character creation and provide quick reference during play.

Mars Colony Hometown: Troubles are tougher on the Red Planet. Living in the first colony on Mars puts your humans in danger from sand worms, mysterious alien artifacts, and even trans-dimensional beings!


Wild Ones Hometown: This full-color hometown supplement takes the magical kitties out of suburbia and into the dark forests and vast plains where the Wild Ones live, without any humans to help at all!

Alien Invasion Hometown: The magical kitties in Happy Glade spend their lives like kitties in any other big city. They laze in the sun, chase mysterious red dots, and occasional thwart alien invasions!

Find out more about Magical Kitties Save the Day at atlas-games.com/magicalkitties.


Michelle Nephew is co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Atlas Games. She's also Magical Kitties Save the Day’s biggest fan, and saved the workbooks' graphic design for herself because she knew she’d be using them a LOT.

Justin Alexander is RPG Producer at Atlas Games, where he develops award-winning games like Feng Shui, Over the Edge, Unknown Armies, and Ars Magica. He also co-designed the Infinity RPG and created The Alexandrian website.