GTM #255 - Vampire: the Masquerade
by Renegade Game Studios



Renegade Game Studios Enters the World of Darkness

You’ve heard whispers of it -- a society within our own, walking the nights with hunger and secrets that fade into the recesses of your mind as just rumors, horror stories, and tales that movies are made of. The World of Darkness, where vampires, werewolves and more are among us, hiding to protect their existence while the monsters inside them must be kept under control...until they cannot. Here, mortals are both fodder and fearsome. While often victims or political pawns of multi-layered organizations, humanity itself is a constant threat to the supernatural. The battle for survival against the world and those in power is constant, and despite any abilities and benefits gained from being a part of this world, the personal horrors play their part in the struggle just as much as the fight against society. But not all monsters are alike, and they do not always play well with others. In fact, even the Kindred, the vampires in this world, have different Sects comprised of Clans, each with different teachings, motivations, disciplines, and desires. When those conflict or compete, that is where the fangs come out and the real Storytelling begins.

This is the World of Darkness, the modern horror roleplaying setting with a gothic-punk aesthetic for the Storyteller System, with a long and rich history in the gaming community. The Paradox Interactive brand has exploded into RPGs, LARPs, card and board games, video games, and streaming actual play Stories over the last three decades, with a loyal “Vamily” - millions of fans and members of the community who love and play the game in their preferred iteration.


One of the most recognizable offerings in the World of Darkness is Vampire the Masquerade, the first in the line of books to get an upgrade to the Fifth Edition, with two sourcebooks: Camarilla and Anarch, detailing the two Sects, already in the marketplace. Renegade Game Studios was recently announced as the exclusive licensee and publisher of all Fifth Edition World of Darkness content, but what does that mean?

Beginning this year, Renegade Game Studios will immediately be reprinting the existing Vampire the Masquerade Fifth Edition (or V5, for short) core rulebook, along with Camarilla and Anarch, following them up with regular releases of new and valuable content for V5 players. This will include tools and reference material supporting the Fifth Edition for both players and the Storytellers who run the game. Additionally, new sourcebooks for V5 are in the works, featuring novel Story points and information, new player options for their favorite Clans, and newly discovered threats to their way of unlife in addition to their old nemeses. Renegade will be releasing dice, tools, and other accessories for the game, following in the future with Fifth Edition releases of other core rulebooks within the setting than fans have eagerly been awaiting. 


What is Vampire the Masquerade?

In the world of Vampire, players take on the role of Kindred, vampires who have been Embraced by another and are now subject to the curse of endless and unquenchable hunger for blood, a battle with the beast inside them that longs to lash out, and the steadfast rule that they must always uphold the Masquerade: the secret that vampires are real and exist on Earth. The game itself is layered with intrigue, secrets, and relationships with others that unfold into epic Stories. Vampires live in overlapping societies of Sects and Clans, where in each city, political moves and manipulation to claim territory, gain power, and obtain resources are a constant mesh of diplomacy, strategy, paranoia, and rivalry, all under the fear of breaking the Masquerade and exposing themselves to the mortal world.

The Vampire the Masquerade Fifth Edition core rulebook includes a full overview of the setting, streamlined and updated rules for the Storyteller System, along with character creation rules and tools, coterie creation, histories and lore sheets to immerse players into the setting, and everything a player or Storyteller needs to get started playing.

The Camarilla sourcebook gorgeously details the Camarilla Sect, self-professed as the grandest and most powerful faction of vampires in the world. Presenting a rich collection of Story ideas and lore, new player options, full accounts of Kindred of the Camarilla and the Clans which align themselves with the Sect, this sourcebook also introduces the Banu Haqim as a playable Clan.


The Anarch sourcebook outlines the history of the Anarch Movement, which for hundreds of years has been walking the line of diplomacy with the Camarilla...until now. Revolting from the methods of the Camarilla, the Anarchs now claim independence from the ways of old. This sourcebook goes into detail about the Clans within the Anarch, adding flavor to new gameplay, a collection of reports of the Anarch Movement for Story ideas, introduces the Ministry as a new playable Clan, and brings modern punk revolution into the vampires’ night unlife and survival.

As the World of Darkness grows broader, it also grows darker. With every new book, a new glimpse into the horror and struggle of the darkness is unveiled, providing fresh material for players to navigate as they weave their Stories. Just like the bloodlust of the Kindred, World of Darkness fans have lusted for new Fifth Edition material. Renegade Game Studios has years of material planned for release, and players will have plenty to feed their Hunger. 

Look for other new announcements of releases coming this Fall for the World of Darkness from Renegade Game Studios.


Elisa Teague is the Senior Producer of Roleplaying Games at Renegade Game Studios. She is a game design veteran of 20 years in the industry, and has been a member of the Toreador Clan for even longer, forever enraptured in the artistic beauty and balance of games.