GTM #255 - Marvel HeroClix: X-Men - Rise and Fall
by WizKids



Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Rise and Fall - RALLY your HeroClix team!

X-Men: Rise and Fall has tons of awesome X-Men characters, and great intergalactic allies and enemies. These HeroClix figures have an epic tabletop presence and enhanced paint jobs at all rarities. Starting in 2021, HeroClix figures have a slightly larger scale and better paint jobs to keep your heroes looking SUPER on the tabletop!

Whether you love the classic X-Men like Cyclops and Wolverine, the villains who grew into heroes like Emma Frost, or the Shi’ar royals like Lilandra, Gladiator, and Deathbird – this set is for you! 

While fan-favorite abilities like Krakoan Revival and modifying your team at the start of the game are returning, we’re also going to be seeing an awesome new comeback mechanic – RALLY!

Rally abilities will let you get a huge bonus after your opponent has a great die roll (usually one that includes a 5 or a 6). You’ll get to place a die onto your card, then spend it later!

Wolverine will get to use Rally for an awesome Regeneration roll! When Wolverine uses Regeneration, before rolling the d6 you can use the 5 from his card as the result instead. It only makes sense that Sabretooth would have a Rally ability at odds with Wolverine, when Sabretooth uses Blades/Claws/Fangs he can use the 5 from his card as the result!

Experienced players reading this probably will notice that Rally won’t just work when you’re losing, but it helps ANY time your opponent gets a lucky roll! This is great for when the game is even, so your characters will be able to avoid falling behind. Some players will construct teams with lots of Rally characters in order to select which one stores the bonus, and other players will just sample 1 or 2 on their force to use at critical moments.

With the return of Krakoan Revival, HeroClix fans won’t be surprised to see Quiet Council members that weren’t in House of X. Mystique not only uses Krakoan Revival, but she takes advantage of the ability to target multiple characters (at close or range) with Incapacitate and incredible defenses. She’s got tons of small bonuses that add up – the X-Men and Brotherhood Team Abilities, improved movement and targeting, and great standard powers like Sidestep, Leadership, and Outwit. Furthermore, her ability to use Energy Explosion has the potential to offset the drawbacks of Krakoan Revival.

Putting these figures together, Mystique will be able to protect TONS of X-Men from getting KO’d, at either her 105- or 55-point line. Among the commons in this set, there are 7 X-Men for her to revive! Being able to revive a 75-point Colossus with Impervious and Rally will be totally devastating!

Speaking of that 75-point Colossus – let’s take a look at him! Piotr Rasputin is an artist who puts the PAIN into PAINting! With the ability to move and attack in the same turn, deal 4 damage, and take a serious hit, Colossus might be able to damage opposing characters out of their range to actually hurt him back, and your opponent will have a hard time recovering. Colossus’s ability to Quake or deal regular damage will also come in handy since he’ll get to choose between devastating attacks against a single opponent or crowd control attacks that are perfect for KO’ing Sentinels and Krakoan Revival bystanders.

We’ll reveal more of the X-Men’s enemies soon, but we’re too excited for the common Sentinel in this set to wait. With a Sideline Active trait, Sidestep and Incapacitate, this figure is going to be on a TON of teams, especially for beginners who haven’t filled out their sideline options yet!

Stay tuned for more X-Citing news about X-Men: Rise and Fall! It will be available at your Friendly Local Game Store, releasing this June!