GTM #253 - DC HeroCilx: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary
by WizKids



Wonder Woman returns to the HeroClix tabletop for her 80th anniversary in April 2021! This 5-figure booster release is jam-packed with iconic allies like the Amazons like Artemis and members of the Justice League like Batman and Superman. There are also plenty of classic villains seen in television, comics, and movies like Ares, Harley Quinn, and The Cheetah. This set also features a new, larger scale to allow for better details and new terrain on all figures that makes them come alive on the tabletop!

In terms of gameplay this set expands upon previous releases with more Captains, Sidekicks, and Allies in addition to new Mission Point alternate win condition effects seen earlier in 2021. There are also plenty of fan-favorite HeroClix mechanics here including several “Shifting Focus” Wonder Woman figures, brand-new equipment-objects like the Lasso of Truth, and the return of Lantern Constructs with a new twist! To top it all off there is also a new Wonder Woman Ally team ability!

To get a glimpse of all of these mechanics and more, check out these never-before-seen previews!

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First up, we have a brand-new Captain version of Superman! Superman can be played an astounding 275 points or 125 points and he has the Captain Role Tag. His trait is a little different than other Captains, but at the same time more powerful, he can only give the effect to 1 Sidekick, but it grants that Sidekick Invulnerability until the end of your next turn! He also has very strong combat values including a 15 movement on the top dial of his 275-point line! The last thing you may notice is he has the new Wonder Woman Ally team ability. This team ability grants Super Senses, but only on a result of a 6. If the character already can use Super Senses like Superman can frequently on his dial, instead you can increase the result by +1. HeroClix does not get new team abilities like this often, so it is awesome to be featured so prominently in the first set it has been released!

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Next up, we have the Rare version of Wonder Woman! The Shifting Focus mechanic returns to HeroClix for this set featuring Wonder Woman. This time there is also an added effect that allows her to interact with the new Wonder Woman equipment. When Wonder Woman uses Shifting Focus, she removes the objects without scoring it, but he other trait “Princess of Themiscyra” allows her to equip any Wonder Woman equipment when she starts the game. This provides the ultimate flexibility for Shifting Focus by not only replacing the character, but also allowing her to pick any Wonder Woman equipment needed for a situation! The rest of her dial has strong combat values, plenty of maneuverability, and her damage power that can reduce opposing characters defense. Be on the lookout for more Shifting Focus Wonder Woman in the set as well.

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With Wonder Woman equipment in mind, take a look at the Lasso of Truth! This object allows the equipped character to use incapacitate with a range of 4 as FREE. And if that character also happens to have the Wonder Woman ally Team Ability, opposing characters adjacent to the original targets also become hit targets. The ability to give opposing characters action tokens is extremely powerful, and the added bonus of hitting more characters as long as the equipped characters have the Wonder Woman Ally team ability is even better. The Wonder Woman equipment also have another effect which, similar to the flexibility seen in Shifting Focus, allows you to swap the Wonder Woman equipment with another Wonder Woman equipment from outside the game!

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Getting to our brand-new mechanic, constructs are back in HeroClix! Check out the Super Rare Green Lantern! Green Lantern can be played at 75 or 50 points and starts with a great 19 defense with Defend on his first click which pairs very nicely with the ability to carry as many as 8 characters with the Green Lantern team ability. He also has two STOP clicks and plenty of other great powers on his dial like Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Outwit. His first trait allows him to generate a Green Construct once per turn. We will take a closer look at his construct and how it works.

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The first construct we have is the Catcher’s Mitt! As you can see constructs are not conventional object this time around. They have their own combat values and powers. There are three general rules that all constructs follow. First, they are immediately KO’d if they aren’t within 6 squares of the character that generated them. Second, they do not block line of fire, require opposing characters to break away from them or stop opposing characters from moving when moving adjacent to them. Third, they can’t be chosen for Mastermind or have their combat values modified.

With all of that out of the way, the Catcher’s Mitt construct has Sidestep to move itself around and a special defense power which gives adjacent friendly characters Energy Shield/Deflection. Constructs are extremely useful in their bystander-like forms, but that also puts them at risk of being KO’d more easily than other objects. Fortunately, they can come back to the game pretty easily with the characters that make them.

There are plenty of exciting things to come in this 80th anniversary celebration set! Be on the lookout for more previews coming soon!


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