GTM #252 - DC HeroClix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Battlegrounds
by WizKids



Ripped from the pages of history comes one of the most iconic superhero miniature releases ever! Celebrating 80 years of Wonder Woman, this HeroClix boxed miniatures game brings to life her history with a new configuration that will appeal to new and existing HeroClix players!

This miniatures game is packed to the brim with awesomeness!

  • A meaty multi-session campaign for 2 players that pivots and turns based on the results of the last session
  • 10 Premium Quality Pre-Painted Miniatures each with TWO ways to play for beginner or advanced play and their associated character cards you cannot find anywhere else!
  • 6 Double-Sided Thick Map Tiles. No folds!
  • A refreshed Full-Color 16-page rulebook with all new diagrams and examples to help new players learn HeroClix!
  • 2 Custom Wonder Woman six-sided dice
  • An all-new Powers and Abilities Card with Wonder Woman imagery
  • Tokens featuring Amazons, magical objects, and more

Each of the ten miniatures come with two ways to play. One version is optimized for learning the game and playing the scenarios, while the other version is optimized for raw power! Players can decide between an ongoing evolving 8 session scenario campaign or drop right into head-to-head action to be the last woman standing!

These pre-painted miniatures are among the best available. They have terrain, exciting poses, enhanced detail, and advanced painting techniques like drybrush finishes at rarities and breadth rarely seen in HeroClix

The six double-sided map tiles form one of two different 3’ x 2’ maps. Each scenario tells you which side to use – Paradise Island or Mount Olympus. The tiles show different elevations, terrain to hide behind, and areas that players will begin the game in.

Depending on the results of the scenarios and campaign play, Wonder Woman and the Amazons will either save Paradise Island from destruction or Circe and her allies will replace Wonder Woman with an evil facsimile and plunge the world into darkness! Across a variety of scenarios, players will make strategic decisions which path to victory is ideal for them: achieving objectives or KO’ing the opposition. After players master the scenarios, they can switch from using the easy versions of the characters to the challenging versions!

The rules and Powers and Abilities Card (PAC) will help players dive headfirst into awesome superhero combat action! The PAC has streamlined powers and abilities that are easy to learn and satisfying to master.

Full-color cardboard tokens featured in this game will represent mystical smoke, enchanted barriers, magical equipment, and even Amazons that aid Wonder Woman in her quest for peace!

Wonder Woman and The Cheetah were designed to be prefect adversaries to each other. Allies like Donna Troy and Circe provide different kinds of support – Donna manages to provide strong backup, but Circe is a source of utility to help bolster her ally’s attacks.

Wonder Woman’s advanced dial lets her take advantage of her Lasso of Truth, giving her the chance to remove action tokens from herself and beat up on evil-doers every single turn! Players trying out the advanced version of all the included exclusive characters will find they have a similar playstyle but with more options and stronger defenses.

Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Miniatures Game isn’t just for hardcore comic fans and gamers! With everything needed to play this is a great onboarding opportunity for new fans to the HeroClix experience!