GTM #245 - Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man & Venom - Absolute Carnage
by WizKids



Spider-Man has been a compelling character for superhero fans of all ages. Something that’s always set him apart is that he doesn’t just face epic challenges as Spider-Man but also relatable challenges as Peter Parker. In Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man & Venom – Absolute Carnage that duality is front and center, allowing players to make exciting swaps between civilians and their superhero-self!

First up are two common figures utilizing the Secret Identity ability – 001 Spider-Man and 016 Peter Parker! Anyone familiar with the movies know that Spider-Man is tied to his secret identity more deeply than most heroes; some of his enemies unknowingly interact with both Peter and Spider-Man. While it creates a great sense of tension for the comic book reader or movie watcher, it creates palpable excitement for the tabletop gamer!

For 35 points, Peter Parker is a respectable support piece utilizing Probability Control and Incapacitate. Even if that’s the only way you played him, you’d be getting great efficiency!

But there’s more! He can then transition into an awesome Incapacitate-wielding Spider-Man! Getting 7 clicks of character for a mere 35 points is SPECTACULAR! He’s prepared to carry someone to safety, defend them, or even just play as a regular character himself for 40 points.

There’s another yet way to take advantage of this mechanic with the Super Rare Spider-Man, which lets you start out as Spider-Man, and quit just like in the beloved “Spider-Man No More!” storyline.

You’ll get an Amazing Spider-Man for 60 points – he can use Hypersonic Speed, Outwit, and he’ll be able to attack multiple characters at once! There’s just one drawback, your opponent will get a J. Jonah Jameson bystander to harass you with! This Spider-Man comes with the Garbage Can object which will let you make the most of playing Spider-Man with Peter Parker! You’ll build a ton of experience and character (just like Spidey) with some practice of dealing with JJJ’s shenanigans.

The flavorful storytelling of HeroClix is loud and clear to existing fans while still being compelling game pieces for casual participants. Even if you’re unfamiliar with particular storylines, different versions of Spider-Man are a different experience to play (or play against!).

One of the fun parts about HeroClix is always getting to construct teams of your favorite characters. With low point values on Spider-Man (and some of his closest allies) you’ll have more opportunities to build a team that you love featuring your favorite characters and most awesome brawlers. Getting to make small tweaks to your team between gaming sessions is one of the ways that each HeroClix game will feel fresh!

We’ve got one last treat for readers. WizKids has designed some all-new, never-before-seen Spider-Verse characters! We’ve shown off teaser sketches of them before, but this Miles Miles West preview below is the first time this HeroClix design has been seen ANYWHERE!

Miles Miles West does a few Sensational things. First, he makes Police keyworded characters compatible with Spider-Man Family. Next, he can call in help from the Spider-Verse. Even though he’s a respectable attacker with Running Shot, he’s also got an awesome spin on Shape Change – when he or an adjacent character uses it successfully he gets to give out “Webbed Gun” tokens buying your team some time to clobber the competition! Miles Miles West is going to be a valuable addition to any Spider-Man Family themed team, whether or not you’re mixing in police like Captain Stacy or not. If you enjoy wild west Clix games this is a figure that can’t be missed for his exciting storytelling potential.

Check back next month for exciting symbiote previews and more news from the Spider-Verse!