GTM # 244 - Marvel HeroClix: Fantastic Four
by WizKIds



Continue celebrating the year of the Fantastic Four’s return to HeroClix! To follow up on the brand new Fantastic Four Cosmic Clash starter set, later this year the Fantastic Four return to HeroClix with a Booster Brick release and a storyline organized play event to remember!

First up, let’s talk about the 5-figure booster release set to come out this Summer. You’ll find a ton of great characters who have interacted with the Fantastic Four throughout the years some friendly and some not so friendly. There are multiple characters from the Fantastic Four roster as well as characters that have served as the New Fantastic Four like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider. Classic villains of the Fantastic Four like Mole Man, the Wizard, Super Skrull, and more. Let’s check out Invisible Woman, who can let you customize your team with Fantastic Four characters as you see fit!


Invisible Woman clocks in at 40 points and has two traits and a special defense power to take a closer look at. “In the Beginning” allows Invisible Woman to increase her attack total when her attack rolls include a 4 on the dice in the attack roll. While she won’t always be attacking, she does have a few neat tricks like using Telekinesis to move opposing characters or make an object attack. Next, “Form The New Fantastic Four” is a really neat trait that allows you to swap out up to four Fantastic Four characters on your sideline with characters with the Fantastic Four keyword on your force.

There are a few restrictions like the same or fewer total points and different names, but this allows you to build a toolbox of Fantastic Four characters on your sideline and bring them in if you are going against certain opposing team. If you opponent is playing Skrulls, bring in a Fantastic Four character with Battle Fury or if your opponent is playing a team with a bunch of bystanders you can bring a character with Energy Explosion or Pulse Wave to take care of those. Her special defense power at the end of the dial is a STOP click as long as there is a another friendly character with the Fantastic Four keyword within four squares. She also can use Defend with 19 defense for any characters adjacent to her. If ones of your characters happens to be KO’d while Invisible Woman is on that click, she can heal a click and potentially activate that STOP click again.


Next up, we have a character that we haven’t seen in HeroClix in a while, She-Thing! This version of She-Thing represents when she was in the Frightful Four team. She has a fairly simple, but effective close-combat dial coming in at 75 points. The “Frightful Four” traits appear on many characters in this set and each provide a different effect for characters with the Frightful Four keyword. For She-Thing, friendly characters modify damage +1 when attacking a character that shares a keyword with them. In this case, She-Thing also has the Fantastic Four and Monster keywords which are very common in this set and allows her to get the upper hand against those characters. She also has a special speed power on the top three clicks of her dial that allow her to use Leap/Climb can make a close attack after that action resolves. That is a lot of movement, and while she can’t combine the attack with her Super Strength held objects, she has 4 damage and could potentially get an additional damage from her trait. She also has Battle Fury on two of those clicks to be able to attack characters with Shape Change without worry.


Finally, we have Super Skrull! Super Skrull has 3 different point values to play at and is wearing his Annihilation costume which has never been seen in HeroClix before. While his dial looks simple, his trait provides many different powers and abilities to choose from. “The Powers of the Fantastic Four” allows Super Skrull to pick two different sets of powers representing the Fantastic Four at the beginning of each turn. So he can pick the two best power combinations for a given situation. These combinations can really add up quickly. Some great combinations include The Thing and Mr. Fantastic which gives Charge, Close Combat Expert, and Giant Reach 4 on offense, and Impervious, Super Sense on defense. IF you pick Invisible Woman and Human Torch, you have access to some great abilities like Energy Explosion, Sidestep, Stealth, Running Shot, 6 range, and Barrier as free to place 1 marker.

These combinations are very effective in many different situations and should allow Super Skrull to handle many different teams. On top of that, you may notice the revamped Skrulls team ability which gives the character Shape Change on the result of a 6, but if they can already use Shape Change they result of their Shape Change roll is increased by 1. So with some combinations of his powers he could have Impervious, Super Sense, and Shape Change for opposing characters to get through if they want to damage him. He is a great character and works well with other Skrull characters in the set.


We also have some details on the storyline event “The Search for Galactus” happening this later this year. Each month will have kits with new special figures included and then in the final month, stores will be able to distribute Galactus himself! Each month stores can choose to run the event in a bunch of different formats like Battle Royale, Constructed, Sealed, or Skirmish (if you haven’t heard about Skirmish, please check out heroclix.com/skirmish for details).

We have some preview images of the figures to look forward to, but we’ll be revealing the dials a bit later. These are pulled from special versions of Fantastic Four characters like Reed Richards Alpha, Inivisible Woman as Captain Universe, and Silver Surfer from Silver Surfer: Black. And Galactus himself will be playable in modern age.  

The long-awaited return of the Fantastic Four to HeroClix in 2020 is something everyone can get excited for.  Keep looking out for information on the upcoming releases!