GTM #243 - Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons
by Ravensburger


Work together to defend Themyscira from one of three classic enemies in Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons! Take the role of Diana, Nu’bia, Artemis, Philippus, or Mala and face off against Ares, Circe, or The Cheetah. The Amazons must defeat their enemy before Themyscira’s defenses are reduced to nothing.

Defending Themyscira

Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons is a fully cooperative game played in rounds, each consisting of five phases.

In the first phase, the enemy advances, spreading obstacles throughout Themyscira. Depending on which enemy has invaded Themyscira, these obstacles will differ. The Amazons will need to strategize carefully based on the number and location of the enemy’s obstacles. 

In the second phase, the Amazons are dealt five Hero cards: two faceup and three facedown. Each Hero card can be used to take one action in a later round, based on the emblems shown. Some cards also have a special ability, such as doubling the emblems of another card. Each enemy comes with reference cards explaining which emblems can be used to defeat or remove which obstacles. The Amazons discuss a tentative battle plan based on their faceup cards.

In the third phase, the battle begins! Amazons must make battlefield decisions without the help of their sisters and may no longer communicate. Each Amazon picks up the three facedown cards and chooses what to do based on all five cards in their hand. They’ll need to decide whether it’s best to stick to the agreed upon plan or whether the new Hero cards allow them to better defend Themyscira.

In the fourth phase, the Amazons fight back, often teaming up by combining the emblems on their Hero cards to accomplish more in each turn. Damaging an enemy directly, for example, takes four of any emblem. In this phase, Amazons are free to communicate once more. They can take their action in any order or simultaneously; whatever is most effective!

In the fifth phase, the enemy lowers Themyscira’s defenses based on the number and location of obstacles remaining on the island.


Enemies of the Amazons

Each enemy of the Amazons possess unique abilities and presents a unique challenge requiring different strategies to defeat.

Ares seeks to muster an army of Amazons by corrupting their hearts. He spreads Servants of War throughout Themyscira and limits the Amazons’ mobility with blockades between regions. To defeat Ares, the Amazons will first need to charge the Sword of Hephaestus by collecting blessings from the monuments and temples on the island. While Ares’ health can be reduced to one without the sword, the final point of damage must be dealt by the Amazon with the sword to ensure his defeat. The Amazons also need to keep their corrupted sisters out of Themyscira’s Palace or risk undermining Themyscira’s defenses.

The Cheetah needs the Artifacts of the Gods to unlock the power of the Amazons’ immortality. Each time The Cheetah’s deck is reshuffled, she discovers an Artifact. Her hunting parties roam the island; for each hunting party on Themyscira at the end of the round, one card is discarded from the top of The Cheetahs deck. The Cheetah dispatches lycanthrope minions to wound the Amazons, and Themyscira’s defenses are lowered for each wounded Amazon on the island at the end of every round. Each time The Cheetah is wounded by the Amazons, she calls a lycanthrope and runs away.  To defeat The Cheetah, the Amazons need to tend to their wounded quickly and remove hunting parties as quickly as possible.

Circe seeks to transform the Amazons into Wolf Amazons and Pig Amazons, lowering the island’s defenses as the transformed Amazons seek to harm one another. Circe’s magic beacons protect her, making it more difficult for the Amazons to defeat her by increasing the number of emblems it takes to deal damage. To defeat Circe, the Amazons need to remove magic beacons as quickly as possible and keep the Wolf Amazons and Pig Amazons separated by moving them to different—and as few as possible—regions around the board.

Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons is available now at friendly local game stores! In addition to the three different experiences offered by the different enemies, the game includes five paintable Amazon miniatures, including Diana herself. Designed by Prospero Hall, the game offers an immersive experience true to the spirit of Themyscira and the Amazons!

Learn to play Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons with Watch It Played! http://bit.ly/WatchItPlayedWonderWoman


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