GTM #240 - Sonora
by Pandasaurus Games



Sonora is a gorgeous new family-weight game from Pandasaurus Games releasing in March of 2020!  For 2-4 players with a 30-45 minute time and a 29.95 SRP make it an obvious choice for players!

Sonora is a completely new take on the “roll and write” genre.  We’ve all played roll and writes, and flip and writes and some of them have been the top selling games of the last few years.  It’s a genre that is easily teachable to new players and the tactile nature of physically writing and altering your score is endlessly fun.

Sonora is something completely new.  It is a “flick and write” game that combines a light-dexterity game (not dissimilar to Crokinole) that has players taking turns flicking disks of varying values into the gameboard.  The 4 quadrants of the gameboard relate to 4 different games that players will be competing in to maximize their points.   Additionally, to the 4 main quadrants of the flicking board, there are also bonus spots that double the value of the disks flicked.

The four quadrants represent beautiful landscapes in the Sonoran Desert!  You’ll be exploring Canyons, creek beds, mudcracks in the desert floor and cliff-dweller ruins and uncovering different Sonoran Cacti and trying to get the help of the local wildlife!  From Kit Foxes, Elf Owls, Black Tailed Jackrabbits and Eastern Collard Lizards!

This is not just a gimmick slapped onto a standard roll and write game though!  In most games in the roll and write genre, players are working to make the best of a random output.  Obviously, there is no controlling a die-roll, so often in other games in the genre is getting die rolls and figuring out the best thing to do with a result you may or may not want.

In Sonora, players have more determination as to where their disks will wind up (and with the ability to knock your opponent’s disks around board.   you have some determination about what your competition will be doing.)  With that in mind, all the games you are playing are designed with that in mind, if you want to put your 4 disk in the cliff-dweller ruins zone you can!  Assuming you are good enough and no one knocks you around!  

So, buckle up this March and head to the Sonoran Desert with your friends and have a great time exploring the Sonoran desert with gorgeous artwork and amazing components in a light-weight and value-priced package!

Racing against other players and knocking their disks off of bonuses or pushing them out of your way will be the name of the game.   Careful play can unlock the ability to swap any two of your disks on the board, reflick your discs.  Powerful combos that unlock bonus scoring across all 4 games will be the key to victory so careful planning and masterful execution of your plan are required to win the day!