GTM #228 - The Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game: Shadowlands Sourcebook
by Fantasy Flight Games



South of Rokugan lies the foul Shadowlands, the home of horrid demons and unnatural creatures. Centuries ago, the Crab Clan built the huge Kaiu Wall to contain these threats, but each day sees new assaults. Without samurai of courage and honor to defend against the threats of the Shadowlands, the Emerald Empire would surely fall.

Protecting Rokugan from the threats of the Shadowlands is an honorable and vital task. But many samurai who join the cause never find their way home. In the domain of Fu Leng, where the very  elements are corrupted and hideous monsters lurk around every corner, do your players have what it takes to survive?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present the Shadowlands sourcebook and the Mask of the Oni standalone adventure for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying! The Shadowlands sourcebook dives into the lore and geography of Fu Leng’s domain, introducing terrifying new NPCs and player options for your samurai. Meanwhile, Mask of the Oni takes these ideas and focuses them into a horrifying pre-made adventure. When a group of samurai pursue a dangerous master of blood magic to the ruins of Daylight Castle, they discover a secret that could redeem or stain the honor of the Hiruma family forever. The samurai must overcome threats to both body and soul if they are to halt a plot that could bring about the doom of the Empire.

Mask of the Oni

Venture south of the Kaiu Wall in Mask of the Oni, a standalone adventure that sees your players entering the Shadowlands while tracking a blood mage to the ruins of Daylight Castle, an abandoned Hiruma stronghold that houses an ancient secret. Mask of the Oni features a 32-page adventure book that gives Game Masters all the tools they need to run the adventure. This booklet includes background on the adventure, ways to bring your players into the fold, and a general layout of the potential paths the adventure takes. With the adventure booklet in hand, any Game Master can run Mask of the Oni with ease!

The adventure also includes tools to help you visualize the situation. Over 50 tokens depict the horrid NPCs that can be found within the adventure, and a double-sided pull out map details the geography of the Shadowlands and Daylight Castle. This adventure is the perfect introduction to the Shadowlands, but once your samurai find themselves south of the wall, will they ever be able to find their way home?

Enter the Shadowlands

Shadowlands is a 144-page hardcover book that gives Game Masters and players alike a glimpse into the terrifying lands south of the Kaiu Wall, and the valiant samurai who defend Rokugan from the horrors held within. A tour of the Shadowlands not only introduces a variety of corrupted locations for your players to explore, but also introduces rumors, adventure hooks, and NPCs to help fill out the world of Rokugan.

Furthermore, new player options allow your samurai to have a history influenced by the darkness of the Shadowlands, and even allows players to create samurai of the Falcon Clan, a minor clan who specialize in hunting ghosts. The book also includes other new player options such as schools, weapons, armor, and techniques, plus patterns to create customized items to better protect the Empire. There are new advantages and disadvantages relating to the Shadowlands and, for those who dare, there is guidance for using maho and new techniques for employing such dread blood magic.

Shadowlands also examines the role of the Crab Clan in Rokugan, as well as the locations surrounding the massive Kaiu Wall. Look for NPCs that help defend the wall from Shadowlands incursions, as well as detailed descriptions of valuable locations along the giant wall itself. Discover the ancient history of the Nezumi, learn of the dangers that come with patrolling the Kaiu Wall, and dive into the intricate history of the Crab Clan families.

With new player options and a bevy of new information, Shadowlands gives players and Game Masters alike everything they need to integrate the Shadowlands into their campaign.

The Spread of Corruption Shadowlands and Mask of the Oni bring the dread Shadowlands to Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying, and Rokugan will never be the same. Plunge your players into true darkness with the Shadowlands sourcebook and Mask of the Oni adventure, available in the first quarter of 2019!