GTM #226 - Legend of the Five Rings: Children of the Empire
by Fantasy Flight Games



Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game enters a new era with Children of the Empire, the first Premium Expansion!

Premium Expansions are a new tier of product for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, featuring 234 cards—with a full playset of each card! Unlike Clan Packs which focus on a specific clan, Premium Expansions offers a wealth of new cards for every clan while injecting new mechanics and playstyles into the competitive Living Card Game® of honor and steel.

Children of the Empire celebrates the legacy of the Hantei Dynasty and the very moral foundation Rokugan was founded on. Every clan receives new cards focusing on honor, dueling, and the biggest moments in the Legend of the Five Rings story!

With as many cards as the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set, Children of the Empire is sure to shake up the game, and is a natural purchase for veterans and newcomers alike!


Maintaining Your Composure

For any samurai, maintaining their composure is of the utmost importance. To many, a victory is not a victory unless you achieve it in a manner befitting a samurai. As such, Children of the Empire introduces a new mechanic known as composure. Doing nothing on its own, a player has composure while their honor bid is lower than an opponent’s… and characters with a composure ability can only use those abilities while the controlling player has composure. While players may be giving up cards to maintain composure, these abilities can be well worth it.

Composure abilities can range from a stat boost, to extra fate, to protection from opponents. These  abilities are also extremely potent, and keeping your composure can lead a player to a most honorable victory, while offering interesting decisions during the draw phase.


Noble Challengers

Whether it’s with katanas on the battlefield or the sharpened steel of words in court, duels represent the pinnacle of one-on-one competition in Rokugan. Children of the Empire places an emphasis on duels, and starts by offering at least one new Duelist for every clan! This includes an array of challenger characters that can initiate duels to gain some kind of advantage over their opponent. The winner of these duels may receive new conflict cards, fate, and more.

Children of the Empire also offers new tools to assist players in your duels. Look for attachments that can manipulate the results of duels, giving players the edge in conflicts and allowing them to overwhelm their opponent with extraordinary skill.


Specters of the Past

Children of the Empire ultimately represents a snapshot in time of the Legend of the Five Rings story. Rokugan is rapidly changing, but this Premium Expansion is a celebration of all that has come before.

Players will find plenty of cards in this pack that represent some of the story’s biggest moments. From the Kiku Matsuri celebration that decided the fate of the Unicorn’s Meishōdō magic to the smuggling deal between the Crab and the Mantis, from Matsu Tsuko’s decision to free Doji Kuwanan to the disappearance of Void Elemental Master Isawa Ujina, Rokugan’s recent history is represented over seven different cards, each providing thematic and potent effects.


The Son of Heaven

But Rokugan is not solely set in the past. Changes have come to the Emerald Empire, many of which can be found in Children of the Empire. Akodo Toturi began his journey by becoming the Lion Clan Champion, but fate had other plans in store for the brilliant tactician. Winning the Emerald Championship, Toturi found himself as the Emperor’s top Magistrate, the Emerald Champion. Children of the Empire introduces this version of Toturi to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. A neutral, Imperial character, Toturi is a far cry from his Core Set counterpart, and has the ability to prevent you or your opponent from playing cards during a conflict, representing his new position of authority.

But Akodo Toturi is just one of many neutral cards introduced in Children of the Empire, all representing the glory of Hantei XXXVIII. Look for new Courtiers, Magistrates, and the Son of Heaven himself join the conflicts to come in Children of the Empire!


A New Dawn

Children of the Empire is a bold new step for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. With 234 new cards, this Premium Expansion is the perfect next step in your Legend of the Five Rings journey. For new players, the influx of cards for every clan is an ideal way to expand your collection. Meanwhile, the new mechanics and themes are exciting for any veteran. Dive into the future and past of Rokugan with Children of the Empire, wavailable in the first quarter of 2019!