GTM #224 - The Arrival of the Snake-Eaters
by Corvus Belli


One of the great pieces of news from the Infinity Universe of the present year is the arrival of the Varuna Immediate Reaction Division, or the Snake-eaters for short, a new Sectorial Army for PanOceania. Eagerly awaited from the PanOceanian community of players since it was announced, the truth is that few things were known about this new army.

As the name implies, the Snake-eaters are the main PanOceanian quick reaction force, always ready to be deployed where the PanOceanian citizens or interests are threatened. For that reason, it is composed mainly of light units, easier to transport and deploy quickly. All new units have this characteristic, but as this is Varuna, we cannot leave behind the Cutter, which is one of the most iconic troops from this planet. The Varuna Immediate Reaction Division also includes the Mechanized Cavalry, the PanOceanian standard TAG, but with a Fireteam: Duo that will be more used for other units able to join that Fireteam rather than with two Squalos. Nowadays, the from Varuna, make their appearance, as a militia with a rear-guard support profile and a bunch of interesting skills. But we cannot forget about the special characters, and Patsy Garnett, an NCO from the Orc Troops’ Varuna Division will become a fan-favourite of all PanOceanian players thanks to her ability to join any Fireteam.

As can be seen, the Varuna Immediate Reaction Division has been conceived as a mainly light force with mid-table control capabilities providing PanOceanian players with a different game experience compared with other Sectorial Armies from this faction. It is not just the new units this army provides, but also the flexibility of its Fireteams that makes it distinctive and also provides the feeling of being a force composed by true special operators. As such, they are the PanOceanian Snake-eaters!