GTM #222 - Heroes of Tenniroth
by Fantasy Flight Games



Terrinoth is an ancient land of magic and strife. The great powers have fought for control for centuries, and now, the realm needs champions. In the Mistands, the dead stir from their graves and in the Free Cities, an ancient Bloodguard has begun to sow discord among the populous. Do you have what it takes to stand against the darkness? Should you fail, you may forfeit your life, but if you succeed, untold riches and glory await!

A Hero’s Quest

Heroes of Terrinoth is a cooperative card game of questing and adventure in which you and up to three allies become a formidable band of heroes, ready to stand against any threat. This game offers you twelve unique heroes to choose from, each specializing in one of four areas: warrior, mage, scout, or healer. As your adventures progress, you will have the chance to gain new skills and hone your craft, growing from a fledgling student to a master in your field. By combining your powers and leaning on one another’s strengths, you will be prepared to face any foe and bring some semblance of peace to the realm.

Once you have assembled your team, you are ready to set out for new adventures in Mennara. Heroes of Terrinoth offers you eight thrilling quests to choose from, each with a unique objective, setup, and story-specific rules to provide a variety of experiences within the realm. You may be tasked with saving townsfolk, slaying a terrible monster, or recovering a precious artifact, but every task will force you to confront deadly creatures and treacherous obstacles to achieve your goals and gain the renown you seek.

Your stories begin in The Goblin Problem, when in the midst of your travels you hear reports of a ravaging band of goblins nearby, led by the self-styled goblin king. You’ve heard of this devious coward in the past, and this may be the perfect opportunity to test your mettle, earn a hefty reward from grateful villagers, and crack a few skulls while you’re at it. No matter which quest you choose to undertake, you are sure to experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Danger and Glory

As you delve into the story of your quest, your team of heroes will play through a series of rounds where you perform actions, battle against enemy attacks, endure rising peril, and explore new locations. First, you will decide whether you wish to attack your enemies, rest and recover your strength, aid one of your allies, or explore your surroundings. Once you have executed your actions, your foes have the chance to strike back. They may move forward to engage your team, or if they are already locked in combat, they will mercilessly inflict damage. With these villains darting in and out of the shadows, you must be sure to keep your weapon ready and one eye on the exit!

After your enemies attack, the strain of your situation takes its toll as the quest’s peril marker advances. With each advancement, you must face ever-shifting effects, perhaps becoming surrounded by enemies or blessed with a moment of reprieve. You must be careful to never let the peril token reach the end of its track. For if it does, you must suffer the final, most terrible effect each time the Peril would increase, depriving you of even the smallest hope for an end to the suffering!

Finally, at the end of each round, your party will have the opportunity to move to a new location if you have fully explored your current surroundings. Traveling offers you that chance to leave behind the enemies creeping in the shadows and move to new vistas. But proceed with caution—as you move deeper into a dark forest or descend to the farthest depths of haunting catacombs, you will find that each location comes with its own compendium of misery. With new monsters and other dangers lurking around every corner, you may find that you have jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Defend the Realm

If you can balance your talents, choose your actions wisely, and endure the torment inflicted by your foes, then fame, fortune, and an unforgettable adventure await. Terrinoth needs heroes. Are you ready to delve into the realm’s dangerous underbelly? The trials you face will push you to your limits, but your great deeds will be sung of for generations!