GTM #221 - Crimeship Tunguska
by Corvus Belli



Tunguska is safe full of data, money, and secrets that wanders endlessly throughout the Human Sphere. It’s a fiscal paradise founded by mafia groups, bank entities, and hackers, where money is the law and greed a virtue. Managed as a corporation, directed as a bank, and administrated by a den of hackers, Tunguska is a place in which crime has won and taken power. And a relentless society formed solely by predators needs a security force even more relentless to keep the peace in order for business to work and money to keep flowing. This mothership is the true engine of the Nomad Nation and their undisputed leader, a ship that bases its existence on privacy and secrets, needed in order to keep both finances and freedom within the Human Sphere. The image of Tunguska is one of grim individuals with shades and cold smiles, professionals that know the price of everything and are ready to charge it to anyone—but never in a personal way, because in this ship, everything is strictly business.

Tunguska is the third Nomad Sectorial Army, and the most anticipated by its players. A short while ago we knew very little about them, with just a few N3 troops, a remnant base troop from N2, and a Heavy Infantry that came with Beyond Icestorm. But the new Tunguska Jurisdictional Command Starter Pack shows us a lot more from this Sectorial, unveiling both its look and general style as its definitive characteristics.

Tunguska is the smallest mothership from the Nomad Nation, but due to the Data Crypt it is also the most desired target for their enemies, so their military force must always be ready for anything. However, if there is something that characterizes Tunguska it’s money—up to the point that it’s the nickname the Nomads have given it. Because of this the Tunguska Jurisdictional Command is a very high tech army; when your numbers are limited, the tech solution is the better solution.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the ubiquitous he Securitate, the paramilitary police created to keep the Tunguska mafia families in check, exemplify this truth. They work as a base troop, always ready to support the hackers in their army. Hackers like the Hecklers, a forward-deploying unit that harasses and zones out the enemy, equipped with electronic warfare tools. The economic power of Tunguska can be felt in the gear of the Kriza Boracs, high-end heavy infantry that can work both as a spearhead or a heavy support unit. But where this mothership starts showing its weirdness is with the Hollow Men, a product of Bakunin’s Black Labs, financed by Tunguska. They are combat bodies remotely manned by individuals who are nothing but brains strongly connected to a heavily guarded virtual world to make sure they are not corrupted by ALEPH, or by other mafias that rule the ship.

But if the Tunguska Starter Pack is strong, both in character and minis, it is nothing but the prelude of what’s to come with this mothership, the darkest side of the Nomads that you won’t want to miss!!