GTM #221 - DC Comics HeroClix Batman: The Animated Series
by WizKids



In 1992, the world was introduced to what some consider “the greatest animated TV series of all time.” Now, 26 years later, Batman: The Animated Series still ranks as one of the best adaptations of the Dark Knight, and WizKids is excited to announce that same influence will be making its way to the world of HeroClix. DC Comics HeroClix: Batman: The Animated Series will be bringing iconic characters, settings, and stories to the tabletop. Each figure in the set has been specially sculpted with the series in mind, giving them a unique look as they move seamlessly from the TV screen into your hands!  

The popularity of Batman: The Animated Series spawned a slew of spin-offs and side series, many of which hold a high ranking in the hearts of fans. This special HeroClix set will feature subthemes with figures from those same shows. Expect to see characters from Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, and The Zeta Project. In addition to those, this set pays homage to one of the original DC animated series, The Super Friends!  

Besides showcasing characters from beloved classic TV series, this set has lots to offer players, both veteran and new to the game. Among them are new shared traits and mechanics that are being introduced. First is “Gotham City Crime Boss,” which appears on several enemies in Batman’s Rogue Gallery, like 027 The Penguin, for example. The trait provides Leadership and Mastermind, and when the roll for Leadership succeeds, instead of removing an action token, a 005 Suited Henchman is generated! The big bosses of Gotham City can use this skill to call forth their grunts to do their dirty work for them, or shield them from a certain rodent-themed caped crusader. 


Characters from the Justice League share the “Justice League Unlimited” trait. With it, at the beginning of your turn, roll a d6, and if the result is a 6, remove an action token from another friendly character with the Justice League keyword that’s 100 points or less. So, with 036 Superman and 035 Wonder Woman on your team (100 and 75 points respectively), plus a little luck and high rolls, you’ll be clearing action tokens left and right! 

This set also features a few new equipment objects, like s001 Batarang, to upgrade them. The characters they are included with can equip them without paying their point cost, but they can also be added to any of your teams by paying their point value. 

If you’re looking for more things new and exciting, get ready for several never-been-Clixed characters to appear. From the crime-infested streets of future Gotham City comes 016 Batman Beyond, aka Terry McGinnis. He’s able to use all his gadgets from the show, but his biggest trait is having Bruce Wayne guiding him into battle. With “The Voice of Experience,” at the beginning of a turn, Batman Beyond can choose Blades/Claws/Fangs, Energy Explosion, Incapacitate, or Steal Energy to use until the next turn. 

A brand-new mechanic that will be making an appearance in this set is for the maps called “Locations.” Locations can be added to your team by paying extra points when building your force. If you win the roll to go first and choose the map, you get an extra effect for the game. Many Locations serve as hideouts for certain characters, like The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy, giving them additional bonuses if they are on your force. If you don’t get to pick the map, your force will still receive a “Consolation” effect for the points you paid for the Location. Locations bring an interesting twist to map choices and team-building for plenty of new and existing characters. 

This unique HeroClix release is the first time WizKids is doing a full 5-figure booster set dedicated to only animated television shows. This change of pace from the normal comic or movie-based sets will be a refreshing take in the HeroClix product lineup. New characters, formats, and content are what keeps HeroClix alive and well, and new products like this set build enthusiasm for HeroClix as a whole. This also can open the door to other animated TV show-based sets to be released in the future! 

To this day, Batman: The Animated Series is still one of the most recognizable cartoons of all time. HeroClix players (and other gamers alike) have shown a lot of interest in this release since WizKids initially solicited it in January this year. The booster set, along with the accompanying Starter Set and Dice & Token pack, should prove to be very popular among players and other fans of the series. Be sure to get to your Friendly Local Game Store to pre-order DC Comics HeroClix: Batman: The Animated Series and prepare to become the Dark Knight this July.