GTM #220 - Legend of the Five Rings LCG Elemental Cycle Dynasty Packs
by Fantasy Flight Games


Legend of the Five Rings LCG Elemental Cycle Dynasty Packs 

While the magistrates and courtiers of Otosan Uchi continue to squabble and the Great Clans of  Rokugan clash on the battlefield and in court, something is disturbing Rokugan. The Emerald Empire is flawed, and cracks forming at the seams are beginning to connect and threatening to tear the land apart.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Elemental Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. The Elemental Cycle is a set of six Dynasty Packs that will be released once a week over the course of six weeks. Don’t miss this chance to expand your Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game collection! The Elemental Cycle consists of the following Dynasty Packs:

  • Breath of the Kami
  • Tainted Lands
  • The Fires Within
  • The Ebb and Flow
  • All and Nothing
  • Elements Unbound

Each of these Dynasty Packs features three copies each of twenty new cards and focuses on a different element of Rokugan. Look for ancient Creatures entering the conflicts of the clans, Shugenja wielding powerful new spells and a Minor Clan taking control of their destiny and inserting themselves into the intrigues of the Emerald Empire.

Breath of the Kami

The element of Air is precise, analytical, and distant, The Elemental Cycle begins by examining the clan’s relationship to this mysterious element in Breath of the Kami. Look for new Shugenja for the Phoenix, Crane, and Scorpion Clans as well as the introduction of the first Mantis Clan card to the game.

Breath of the Kami includes a new Dragon Technique that sees your Monks increase their military skill while giving you more options in the conflicts to come.

Tainted Lands

The element of Earth is firm, grounded, immovable. Tainted Lands focuses on the Great Clans’ relationship with this sturdy element. Look for powerful Crab Shugenja to make a big impact and the introduction of a deadly Oni from the Shadowlands.

The conflict cards included in Tainted Lands include spells based around the Earth element, including a dishonorable Mahō spell to buff your characters at a terrible cost.

The Fires Within

Let your passion flow with The Fires Within Dynasty Pack. Inside you’ll find twenty new cards, many   themed around the Fire element. Look for a powerful Dragon Shugenja who can tame the very flame, and the continued expansion of the Mantis Clan.

The Fires Within includes a variety of elemental spells, including a Fire spell for the Unicorn that can remain on the board for the entire game. 

The Ebb and Flow

Flexible, responsive, and powerful Water is the element of adaptability. The Ebb and Flow introduces new ancient Creatures to join the conflicts of Rokugan, including the ancient Nezumi to the south. Team up with creatures beyond humanity to enhance your conflicts and increase the standing of your clan!

Within The Ebb and Flow, you will find a potent new Shugenja who can enhance the effects of the Water ring with ease.

All and Nothing

The Void is dangerous, at once all-encompassing and devastatingly empty. You can explore this concept with the All and Nothing Dynasty Pack. All seven Great Clans receive new tools while exploring the abyss in this expansion.

Here, you will behold a new Shugenja who receives a boost based on the rings you contest, as well as a brand-new philosophy that will shake up the entire board.

Elements Unbound

Finally, you can tie the themes of the Elemental Cycle together with the Elements Unbound Dynasty Pack. The Mantis Clan continue to inject themselves into the conflicts of the Great Clans, and ancient Creatures continue to aid you in your battles.

Finally, a new stronghold for one of the seven Great Clans introduces new deckbuilding strategies that are sure to shake up the game.


Master the Elements

The Elemental Cycle brings a new perspective to the world of Rokugan. While the Imperial Cycle focused on Otosan Uchi, the Elemental Cycle expands the role of the spiritual: the elements that bind the land of Rokugan, the shugenja who wield these elements, and the imbalance that threatens to disrupt the harmony of the empire. The Elemental Cycle introduces powerful spells, ancient creatures, and a new clan looking to make their mark in the world of Rokugan. What role will these elements play in the Future of Rokugan? Find out with the Elemental Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!