GTM #219 - Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity
by WizKids


Galaxies will shake, and the Marvel HeroClix universe will never be the same with the release of Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity this May! For the first time ever, EVERY booster will include a 2x2 Clix Base figure! Featuring characters from The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spaceknights, and Infinity Watch, you’ll be able to travel through space and time to construct Cosmic and Future teams the likes of which you’ve never seen!


Many of the characters in the set with the Avengers keyword utilize a trait called Avengers Infinity, which adds some built-in synergy for your squad. The trait, which is identical for all users, states that when the Avengers character that has the trait attacks only characters of 100 points or more, you can choose to modify attack or damage by +1! This gives a really epic “big fight feel” to your Avengers teams – just the thing you’re looking for when you go up against a colossal figure like Jakar from Batroc’s Brigade!


Jakar – a first time appearance in HeroClix for this cosmic ne’er-do-well – brings another of our recurring themes with Colossal Retaliation. This ability (found on Jakar’s movement) states that as a free action, if no other Colossal Retaliation power has been activated this turn, choose an opposing character that attacked the character with the ability – or damaged a friendly character since our last turn. You would then place the character with the ability, so they can make a close attack targeting the chosen character and all other opposing characters within two squares. However, instead of normal damage, hit characters are each given two action tokens that don’t deal pushing damage, and may be placed in a square adjacent to their current square!

Another recurring theme with the set is the trait Origin: Before the Team. Take for example Star-Lord, with his Origin: Before the Guardians trait. This trait states that a character with this trait is part of a specific themed team – in Star-Lord’s case, the Guardians – and that character can use the team ability for that team this game (or in the case of the Guardians, they can use PROTECTED: Outwit). Otherwise, the character modifies their attack and defense by +1 this game.

Avengers Infinity also introduces a new ability for certain colossal figures called Mass Destruction an ability which really amps up the chaos a colossal should bring to the battlefield. Mass Destruction can be either an ability, appearing on the dial, or a trait – like in the case of Giganto & Namor. Either way, Mass Destruction grants the character Super Strength, and says that when the character is given a MOVE action, after resolutions, destroy all adjacent pieces of blocking terrain, and the character can then use Quake at no cost.

Since the introduction of vehicles in HeroClix, players have clamored to have not just a wrecked vehicle that could be used as a heavy object, but one that stuck around on the map as some kind of terrain. With the advent of Avengers Infinity, players will see vehicles turning into Special Terrain! To keep things simple, each vehicle has a different Terrain dial that you will click through when missing attacks on lines of fire that are drawn through the vehicle. Each of these dials offers something different, and in the case of Tony Stark’s Flying Car, each adjacent friendly character will be able to use Energy Shield/Deflection, as well as a fun way to use the car as moving cover. You can also add the vehicle to your force for a low point cost as special terrain for your squad!

One of the coolest things about exploring new territory in HeroClix is that it’s often so different from what’s come before. That’s exactly what drove the designs on the cosmic entities in this set. Big, unprecedented, global effects. These cosmic entities – such as The Living Tribunal – represent the balance of the Marvel Universe, and their actions are far-reaching and influence things at every level. Their shared trait is You Can’t Kill the Abstract. Each character with this trait will possess an ability that takes place in the game as it’s played when they are active. In the case of The Living Tribunal, at the beginning of your opponent’s turn, they receive -1 to their action total if they have more characters on it than any force. And, because the abstract can never die, these effects persist even after the character with the trait is KO’d!

As you can see, the cosmos is shaking from the changes on the way from the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity set! Be sure to get to your Friendly Local Game Store and let them know you’re interest in the set. Booster packs, bricks, and the six-figure Avengers Fast Forces set will release this May!