GTM #216 - Rainbow Knights
by Ninja Division Games

Rainbow Knights, the new family-fun game from Ninja Division Publishing, helps to promote all the great benefits that are derived from family game time; connection, creativity, decision making, and fun. Six knights flying through the air, creating trails of rainbows, while trying to avoid obstacles such as storm clouds and the rainbow trail of another knight, creates an exciting and quick game for all members of the family. And none of this happens in a turn-by-turn scenario, but rather all players rush to complete their rainbow trail before anyone else at the table. It’s crazy fun and can be learned in mere moments. At only $19.99, Rainbow Knights makes for affordable fun for the whole family, as well. And with only a one- to five-minute play time, players can play game after game of fast-action fun with Rainbow Knights!

Rather than turn-by-turn gameplay, designer David Carl, Head of Game Development at Steamforged Games, opted for an all-out throwdown in which each player races to create their rainbow trail all at the same time. This speed and dexterity based gameplay will certainly promote quick decision making and spatial thinking. The adults at the table may find themselves hard-pressed to keep up with the agile fingers and minds of their younger opponents.

“I think Rainbow Knights has the broadest appeal of any game I’ve worked on to date,” said Carl. “It’s a great casual card game, a great family game, and it’s even a fun way for those hardcore gamers to decide who goes first in grown-up, serious games.” David Carl was also the Development Manager for approximately seven years at Privateer Press, so he knows the “grown-up” side of gaming quite well.

As the design of the game proceeded, Carl teamed up with Ninja Division Publishing. “It was more fun and intuitive with see-through cards than with standard opaque playing cards, but I knew that would be a challenging product to create independently. So that's where Ninja Division comes in. They've got a great team with plenty of production expertise, and they were hooked by the game as soon as they tried it.”

Ninja Division Publishing wanted to collaborate on making the game appeal to a broader audience, which turned out to be a positive move for Rainbow Knights. “We talked about cartoony bugs at a picnic, plows in a field, and multiple other possibilities before we hit Rainbow Knights and all involved agreed that was the right one,” Carl continued. “I then wrote up an art brief for the characters and their rainbows' color palettes, and Ninja Division really brought those characters to life as you see them now. I'm extremely happy with how that collaboration went, and I think the final design really shows how well we were aligned on what we wanted for Rainbow Knights.”

Rainbow Knights comes with a background story for the players to enjoy and explore before they decide upon which knight to race. This was somewhat of a departure for Carl as he wrote the story; which is different from the dark, gritty fiction he’s accustomed to scribing for rulebooks over the years.

“It was a real breath of fresh air to write about these fun and colorful characters. I certainly look forward to reading the game’s story to my little girl to help her decide which of the Rainbow Knights she’d like to play,” he said. “Getting to see people playing your game and genuinely enjoying it is such an amazing feeling. It’s kind of crazy to think about people being hooked on this experience that was just a seed of an idea in your brain at one point not too long ago.”

Rainbow Knights will be available at your FLGS in March 2018.