GTM #216 - Nuts So Fast
by Curt Covert

New gamers. Families. Casuals. They’re the gateway to the healthy future of our industry, and putting the right game in their hands today is the key — a game they can get excited about and teach their friends and family easily and quickly. Enter Nut So Fast by Smirk & Laughter Games, a thoroughly entertaining, quick-reflex game featuring some of the most adorable, “gotta touch ‘em” playing pieces you’ll ever see!

You’ve gotta be lightning-fast in this boisterous, wildly nutty party game! Flip two cards and watch for exactly four matching ‘nut’ pictures. If you see a set of four, grab the wooden nut with the same face right out from under other player’s noses! Fail to grab a nut and you’ll be handed cards as points against you – or worse, grab the wrong nut and get penalty points as well.

But Nut So Fast… if a number card pops up, players will need to strike the correct Nutty Pose, instead! Nut So Fast is a laugh-out-loud game of quick thinking, fast reactions, and nutty poses, featuring adorable Nuts drawn by noted web cartoonist, Chris McCoy.

“This isn’t the first quick-reflex game by any means,” admitted Curt Covert, “but, in terms of approachability and laugh-out-loud enjoyment, it’s unequalled. The mechanics that trigger players to grab the nut tokens are simple enough for any player to see and understand easily. There’s lots of different nuts on the table for players to pounce on, but, of course, never quite enough for everyone. And, then, the gameplay suddenly shifts! Players have to quickly strike a ‘Nutty Pose’, remembering which corresponds to what number that round, before they switch for next Round! This game is a blast and hysterical to play.”  

Nut So Fast is, therefore, a perfect game to launch Smirk & Dagger’s new sub-brand, Smirk & Laughter, a product line dedicated to emotionally evocative games. “That’s what I love about games… their ability to fully engage not just our minds, but our hearts and imagination, as well. And when I saw Jeff Lai, the designer, showing off his game in Toronto, I knew it would be an ideal way to usher in this broader vision for my company,” Curt expressed.

Asked about his design, Jeff explained, "the game came together over two years of playtesting worldwide in Canada, the USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, and even Mauritius! It was great, but then two things happened to make it awesome. First, my friend, Ian Rowe from Calgary, suggested the game theme should be about NUTS! Second, webcomic artist Chris McCoy, the hilarious creator of www.SafelyEndangered.com, offered his skills to the project. Suddenly, everything fit together perfectly."

“The joy of the game comes with all the wonderful mistakes people invariably make, not being quick enough, striking the wrong pose, that’s what leads to the fun and laughter in Nut So Fast,” Curt continued. “Plus, the game seems to naturally inspire every nut joke imaginable, which adds to the party atmosphere, and the pieces are irresistible. I mean, just look at that Pistachio.”

The package was designed with a durable window so that the fun and charm of the Nut tokens would be clearly seen peeking out from under the cover. “It begs to be picked up,” said Curt, “I can’t tell you the stopping power they have. In testing, anyone walking by, drawn by the laughter and raucous activity at the table, was automatically charmed by the nuts smiling back at them. ‘What is this – and when’s it coming out?’ always followed in quick succession.”

And the answer is “soon”. Look for Nut So Fast to release March 21, 2018.

Curt Covert is the owner of Smirk & Dagger Games. A fourteen-year veteran in the industry and the inventor of Cutthroat Caverns, Hex Hex, and Nevermore, just to name a few. In 2018, his new line, Smirk & Laughter, will reach a broader audience than ever with games intended to connect with players on an emotional level.