GTM #216 - Aristeia! - AGL & Organized Play Events
by Corvus Belli

Every game of Aristeia! is fun, exciting, and challenging by itself, but Organized Play Events add a new dimension to the game. Once the season kicks off, AGL Events will serve as a great opportunity to meet new players, challenge your friends, discover new ways to play the game, and collect limited edition prizes you won’t want to miss. All you have to do is plan your strategy and assemble your Team, and you’ll be ready for an amazing season full of excitement!

Event Types and Formats

  • Standard Tournaments will offer a framework with a set of five different options, called Mods, that can be mixed together for a total of 17 combinations. These Mods focus on the way the players will build their Teams before the game starts, so the rules during the game remain the same.
  • Open Tournaments are designed for those organizers who want to introduce homemade Scenarios or a new way to build the Tactics Deck, for example. These events will not give as many Ranking Points as Standard Tournaments, but will grant much more freedom to imaginative communities.
  • Leagues will consist of eight League Rounds, in which you’ll play one game of Aristeia!. Standard and Open formats will be available to Leagues, too, and the Ranking Points received each League Round will depend on the format chosen, just like Tournaments.

Team Sponsors

Inside AGL Event Kits you’ll find some collectible cards that represent companies and corporations of the Infinity Universe, to use them as Team Sponsors. At the beginning of each Event Round, you’ll choose one Sponsor from those you’ve collected, and they’ll give you an advantage during that game. There will be two Basic Sponsors available to anyone, and six Special Sponsors, available only to those who’ve achieved specific conditions, like being the player with the most Frag tokens at the end of an Event.