GTM #216 - Wardlings
by WizKids/NECA

WizKids, the industry leader in quality pre-painted miniatures, wishes to transport you to an imaginative world with its newest line of youthful RPG miniatures. Putting a fresh twist on classic fantasy ideas like creatures and character classes, prepare to step into a land in which children and their companions hold magical powers and travel the lands in search of adventure. Welcome to the realm of Wardlings.

Set to launch this February, Wardlings is designed with younger RPG players and their families in mind, though anyone from any play level can enjoy these fascinating characters. The figures, each about 1” tall, are packed with endless potential, sporting finely painted details which help to tell the back story for the adventurer. However, the most powerful means of telling a Wardling’s story is the player’s own imagination.

Within the world of Wardlings, children are the adventurers who’ve gained their powers at a young age. Their powers, however, are fleeting. As the children mature, they begin to lose their powers, and even lose the ability to see their companion. Should a Wardling ever be defeated in battle, their companion will transport them to their home where they wake up one year older. This has its costs, because when a Wardling enters adulthood, they lose their powers and most forget they ever adventured in the first place, as everyday responsibilities take hold. A young Wardling must learn to live every day to the fullest and always strive to protect the land for future Wardlings.

Wardlings come in a variety of familiar classes such as Wizards, Druids, Fighters, Rangers, Clerics, and Rogues. Each has unique traits that fit their class, but also a magical companion that accompanies them. Being able to call forth and see these companions, which can be creatures like badgers, living trees, flying snakes, and even a Genie, is a trait only children that are pure of heart and perform good deeds are capable of. The bonds of friendship are incredibly strong between a Wardling and their companion — together they’re able to defeat evil creatures and overcome any obstacle that lies ahead!

The first series of Wardlings will consist of six children, each packed with their companion. More classes and their companions are scheduled for future release, but for now, let’s discover a bit more about the adventurers that will be kicking off this new and exciting series of pre-painted miniatures.

Picked on when he was little, the Wardling Boy Fighter is always willing to help those in need, especially those being bullied. Along with his trusty Battle Dog companion, he can be found in a city or field looking to help those who could use a hand.

Smart and brave, the Girl Wizard Wardling was able to learn the mystic arts! Casting spells and thinking fast has led her Genie companion to bond with her as they bring magic to the Wardling group to help fight evil in the land.

Raised in the woods, the Boy Druid Wardling is able to speak with animals and plants of all kinds. Always on the lookout for any that would harm the woods, he and his Tree companion also show kindness and the way home to the good adults and children who become trapped or lost within the forest.

Stealthy and dangerous, the Girl Ranger Wardling and her Lynx companion will always find the perfect spot to fire arrows at their foes! Using the environment to their advantage, they can climb and swing to rescue those in danger from the evil forces of the land.

Sometimes things don’t go your way. On those days, it helps to have someone who can heal and light the way. The Boy Cleric Wardling and his Winged Snake companion bring light and courage to dark places, as well as healing and kindness where there is despair.

Thief to some, hero to all of good heart, the Girl Rogue Wardling is known for getting into and out of tough spots without anyone knowing she was there. Her trusty Badger companion can spot enemies from the cover of water or woods, and ensures her friends are never surprised.

This is only the beginning for these young heroes. Made for gamers and families of any age who are young at heart and ready to embark with these stylized adventurers, Wardlings will be a welcome addition to any tabletop. Be on the lookout for Wardlings at your Friendly Local Game Store, scheduled to arrive in February this year.