GTM #204 - DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman
by WizKids/NECA

This May, WizKids is excited to present DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman. This 124-card expansion features the heroes and villains of Gotham, the New Gods, and other popular DC comic book characters. DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman adds a lot of fresh content to Dice Masters while still maintaining the popular dice-building action including Flip cards that feel like an extra team member to call on when needed, Boomerang and Gadgeteer keywords to keep action dice circulating and outside of the player’s bag, and the Common Ground keyword to create surprising team-ups during Rainbow Drafts and beyond!

It has been said that Batman is always prepared to take on any threat to Gotham, hero or villain. Dice Masters players have wanted to be just as prepared for their opponents, and one way they can be is by including an extra character on their team. The new keyword Flip helps provide this while representing Batman’s determination to protect his city. Batman: Always Prepared begins the game with the ability to reroll your opponent’s Villain dice when he is fielded, but at the beginning of your turn, you may flip over his card to reveal a new ability. Batman has been preparing for the day his friends in the Justice League turn on humanity; when a Batman die is now fielded, your opponent must reroll all of their non-Villain character dice. This ability provides a player with the power to protect themselves from threats, villainous or heroic, with the inclusion of a single card on their team.

Having access to more options to respond to your opponent is one aspect of Dice Masters strategy, but the characters on your team must also work well together. Sometimes heroes and villains find that they have common ground to provide the synergy a player needs. Flashpoint’s Thomas Wayne: Surgical Precision has the new Common Ground keyword that gives him +1A and Fast when attacking with a villain. Pairing Thomas Wayne with diabolical Hush: Matters of the Heart, +2A and +2D if there are any active Batman characters, is the type of synergy that wins games.

Action Dice will also be getting exciting new uses in DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman. Batarang: What Goes Around Comes Around debuts the new Boomerang game mechanic. After using Batarang to deal three damage to a target villain, the Boomerang keyword may bring the die back to your Prep Area if you successfully roll a non-engery face on the die. Mister Miracle: Show Must Go On uses his New God-inspired magic to give Boomerang to all your action dice!

Another new buff to action dice comes in the form of Gadgeteer. When a character with Gadgeteer attacks, you may roll a continuous action die from your Used Pile and field that die if you roll an action face. The Question: Find the Answers couples Gadgeteer with the ability to get +1A and +1D when you use an action die.

Experienced Dice Masters players understand that rolling more than the standard four dice is both fun and crucial for victory; the evil forces of Apokolips are a thematic way to do this. Parademon: Strength in Numbers allows a player to draw additional dice using Swarm and deal a point of damage to their opponent at the same time. A player can use the energy from those extra dice to purchase Darkseid: Erasure, which allows you to sacrifice your Parademons to draw even more dice. For a complete dice-drawing engine, a player should add Gotham’s own Harley Quinn: New Queen of Crime to their team as she will allow them to draw and prep a die for each villain they field. Should a character with Swarm end up in the Prep Area, Darkseid’s Global allows you to send it to the Used Pile and draw a new die to replace it in the Prep Area. Just a few turns with the combo on the table should be all it takes to send Batman spiraling though time, or win a game of Dice Masters.

DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman is a stand-alone Gravity Feed release that allows players to recruit Batman, The Joker, Owlman, Big Barda, and many more. Visit your friendly local game stores to pick up DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman, releasing this May.