GTM #203 - Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack - Defiant Truth
by Gutier Lusquinos

When a freelance stringer receives information that could uncover the Yu Jing infiltration of PanOceanian corporations, she becomes trapped in the crossfire between the Gui Feng Xi Zhuang, who wants to protect the Yu Jing secrets, and the Husam Leila Sharif, who wants to reveal them to humiliate PanOceania.

Following the events described in the Operation: Red Veil Battle Pack comes the Dire Foes Mission Pack: Defiant Truth. The Dire Foes Mission Packs are an Infinity release that provides a complete game experience.

Honoring their name, the Mission Packs are a product released to play missions, containing a scenario and the opposing Dire Foes troops required to play it. The Dire Foes Mission Pack: Defiant Truth includes two new special characters, the Haqqislamite Husam Leila Sharif and the Yu Jing Gui Feng Xi Zhuang, as well as a Freelance Stringer, a Civilian model and excellent choice to use when playing scenarios. As these figures are special characters, the Corvus Belli concept designers and sculptors didn’t hesitate to apply all their magic and skills to make sure these models are some of the finest in the entire Infinity range.

But this Mission Pack doesn’t stop there, because each Mission Pack is related to an exclusive official Infinity scenario. This new mission can be played by any players from any faction, but it has a Narrative Mode which continues the story chronicled in the Operation: Red Veil Battle Pack booklet. You can find the new scenario and the new profiles of both Dire Foes in the Download section of the Infinity website, as well as in Infinity Army.

Defiant Truth is the perfect complement to Red Veil as its special characters can join the troops of the Battle Pack to compose the suggested army list from the Red Veil booklet. This Dire Foes box also includes five special postcards containing full-color artwork with pin-up illustrations and concept designs of the two special characters included in this Mission Pack.