GTM #201 - The Settlers of the Stone Age
by Catan Studio, LLC

Over the years a series of historical Catan scenarios were published in German with English rules included. In 2002, The Settlers of the Stone Age led the way for the Catan Histories line of games. Each game in this line is published simultaneously in both German and English, and each make history interactive and exciting using the familiar Catan rules while incorporating new ideas to convey the themes.

~ Exploring the Stone Age ~

The cradle of modern humans was located in Africa more than 100,000 years ago. Starting from there, your explorers and those of your fellow players begin a great migration that spans thousands of years, and eventually leads to Australia and America. As your people migrate, they make “progress” in food production, hunting, boat building, and clothing & shelter. Advancements allow them to move faster or over water, and protects them from the elements and other dangers. All of this requires resources: meat, skins, bones, and flint.

~ Playing the Game ~

Each player starts the game with three camps in Africa. As the game progresses, climate changes decrease the productivity of your initial camps. So, you need to move out of Africa into the brave new world - the continents of Europe, Asia, America, and Australia.

You receive meat, flint, hides, and bone (resources) during the game based on the die rolls and the terrain types. Resources let you send out explorers to find valuable exploration counters. An explorer can also decide to settle down and create a new camp on a suitable intersection. But, beware! The sabertooth tiger and the Neanderthal can cut your production and steal your resources.

The first player to reach 10 victory points wins. You receive VPs for:

  • Each new camp gives you one victory point.
  • 1 VP (for each continent) if you find the corresponding adaptation counter.
  • 1 VP (for each progress track) if you are the first to progress to the 5th space.
  • 2 VPs if you are the first to have at least one new camp in each continent.
  • 2 VPs for having the most exploration counters.

~ Winning ~

There are many paths that you may follow to victory. But, it's certain that the player that settles on the most productive lands, trades for missing raw materials with the other players most skillfully, and is able to best migrate to the lands of Australia and America will end the game with their people ready for civilization.

Fast Facts:

  • For 3-4 players.
  • Ages 10+.
  • Playing Time: 75 Minutes.