GTM #167 - Infinity: Bootleg
by Gutier Luquinos

This year Corvus Belli has shook the fandom community with its new brand of Infinity miniatures: Infinity Bootleg!

What's the reason behind the name? Why choose a name with such clandestine connotations? Because these are the models the concept designers always wanted to design, the miniatures the Infinity modelers always wanted to sculpt, and the figures Infinity fandom has been demanding - but didn't have a place in a game-focused catalog.

There was the secret desire in the hearts of CB staff members to expand the Infinity universe with a different kind of model. To show more of the Infinity world, but from a unique point of view. It was not only to release non-combatant models - but models that have no place on the battlefield, rather, instead, displayed and serve as a showcase. This new brand has been conceived for painters and for miniature lovers. Top notch, high-quality figures with attitude. This is the connoisseur brand of Infinity! Infinity Bootleg will provide a reduced range of models, all of the finest quality but totally separate from the main Infinity line.

Which figure or character from the Infinity universe have you always wanted to see become a miniature? T.A.G. pilots, maintenance technicians, civvies, alternative versions of previously released models, battle-ravaged versions of armored figures, and whatever else you can imagine now have the chance to become reality with Infinity Bootleg!

The first wave of Infinity Bootleg is focused on the armored range of the game, with pin-up style and sexy flavor - but those aren't necessarily the characteristics of the whole range. In the future, we expect to see different approaches to existing models, or iconic characters from the Infinity universe, releases that could be incorporated as Civvies in-game if the player wishes to… the boundaries are limitless, and the CB staff wants to try most of them!

And you all are invited to participate! Having so many possibilities, CB will offer the community the chance join this new challenge and to decide which ones may be released! Just keep connected!

Infinity Bootleg. These are not toys!