GTM #167 - Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play Events
by WizKids Games

Star Trek: Attack Wing is a space combat miniatures game set in the Star Trek Universe using the Flight Path maneuver system. Launched in August of 2013, Star Trek: Attack Wing hit store shelves with the Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set and eight expansion packs, including iconic Star Trek ships such as the U.S.S. Enterprise along with their famous (and in some cases, infamous!) crew.

In Star Trek: Attack Wing, players can customize their fleet by assigning a Captain, Crew, Weapons, and Tech upgrades to their ships recreating iconic Star Trek battles or assembling their own Star Trek “dream team.” Each expansion pack comes with Mission cards that provide special rules for scenario play that bring memorable Star Trek moments to life on your tabletop.

WizKids Games is proud to support in-store play of Star Trek: Attack Wing through themed Storyline Organized Play Events, an ongoing event series that support multiple organized play events scheduled to take place over a series of months. The entire series of kits is designed to recreate an entire iconic storyline from the Star Trek universe.

The first Star Trek: Attack Wing Storyline Organized Play event series — The Dominion War — is a 6-month storyline organized play series which began in September and runs through March 2014. In The Dominion War event series, each organized play kit contains three exclusive prize ships (one for the winner of the event; one for a “Redshirt” player (Fellowship/Sportsmanship); and one for the event organizer), plus scenario game rules with map elements as well as participation prizes for all players.  The final month kit includes a special Grand Prize — a painted, playable model of Deep Space 9 — for the overall winner of the event series. If you are interested in running the Star Trek: Attack Wing The Dominion War Storyline Organized Play event at your store, please speak with your sales representative as kits may still be available (with purchase requirement).

Coming in June 2014, WizKids Games will kick off the second Star Trek: Attack Wing Storyline Organized Play Event Series — The Collective. The Collective Storyline Event Series will be centered around the insidious (and popular!) Borg! Please look for more information at www.wizkidsgames.com/thecollective.

Episode Organized Play Kits support a single Organized Play event and are designed to recreate iconic Star Trek episodes. These kits will be scheduled for release in the months between Storyline Organized Play event series. As with the Storyline Organized Play kits, Episode Organized Play kits will also include exclusive prize ships and participation prizes for all players. Filling in the two months between The Dominion War and The Collective Storyline Organized Play event series, WizKids Games will feature two iconic episodes from Star Trek The Original Series as the first two Episode Organized Play Kits:  The Tholian Web & The Arena!

Speak with your sales representative to bring Star Trek: Attack Wing organized play to your store!