GTM #166 - Firefly Roleplaying Game — "Keep Flyin'!"
by Monica Valentinelli & Mark Diaz Truman

Click Here for an exclusive article providing information about the Firefly RPG Core Rulebook and Ship Creation Rules by brand manager and lead writer Monica Valentinelli.

Keep Flyin'! Prepare for thrilling, new adventures in the 'Verse with the Firefly Roleplaying Game! Set six years after the Unification War, the Firefly Roleplaying Game faithfully branches story elements from the popular FOX television series, while simultaneously expanding on the Firefly setting. Powered by the Cortex Plus system, which emphasizes character interaction and story development, this core rulebook features everything you need to venture into the black, including character archetypes, ship stats and creation rules, locations and planetary systems, a detailed Episode guide, story hooks, and more.