GTM #165 - Infinity Artbook One
by Gutier Luquinos

The huge Infinity summer release for this year is Infinity Artbook One, the first artbook released by Corvus Belli for its miniatures wargame.

The Infinity Artbook One serves as a platform to showcase not only some of the breathtaking illustrations we’ve seen from other books in the Infinity line, but also amazing new ones from upcoming and future releases. Full-page pin-ups of troops, environmental illustrations, and stunning covers for each Infinity faction comprise the final artwork you’ll discover in this book. But, that’s not all.

One of the great points of this book is that it reveals the concept design process that is behind of some of the most representative troops for each faction. Infinity is well-known for possessing a wide range of high-quality, critically-acclaimed miniatures. However, the Infinity models not only stand out due to their masterfully detailed modeling, but also for their elaborate designs.

Creating a range of models that is both aesthetically pleasing and plausible within the setting is a painstaking labor of design, and an extensive work process that includes documentation, anatomical study, and the development of common visual elements such as weapons, equipment, and gadgets.

The purpose of Infinity Artbook One is to document the long road to the top, to bring into the limelight the vast amount of behind-the-scenes work (and passion) that is, nonetheless, a necessity for creating an attractive and exciting Sci-Fi universe.

This art book will take you through the creation of Infinity’s units by way of a selection of concept art and breathtaking, full-page, full-color illustrations. Uniforms, armor suits, T.A.G.s, equipment, weapons, and gadgets are all displayed so you can discover Infinity and immerse yourself in its extraordinary, futuristic universe.

Artbook One offers a new outlook on the universe that goes beyond the game and enriches the Infinity experience: a thrilling visual journey that will take you to the future.