GTM #138 - Infinity: The Rise of the O-Yoroi
by Gutier Lusquinos

“Suddenly, we saw that red and white T.A.G. charging towards us, shooting rapid bursts in every direction. When it got closer, it swept our lines with its flamethrower and everyone who didn’t duck for cover died in agony. But the O-Yoroi hadn’t finished. While it unsheathed a huge katana, a pair of CrazyKoalas fell from its back and moved to flank it, staring at us with their tiny malicious eyes. The O-Yoroi stood in a perfect kenjutsu guard with the katana shining in its hands, defying us. There were no other options other than to surrender or die.”

~ Excerpt of the interrogation of Fusilier Staff Sergeant Brian Kaczmarek, Shangwan Prisoner Field, Yingxian, Paradiso ~


Infinity is about action, science-fiction, manga and anime. And the perfect confluence of all these concepts, the epitome of the essence of Infinity, is this summer’s biggest hit, the O–Yoroi. The O-Yoroi is the samurai T.A.G. In Infinity a T.A.G. (Tactical Armored Gear) is an individual armored weaponry platform characterized by its humanoid shape. Anthropomorphic T.A.G.s are based on a philosophy of design called synchro-protector or exoskeleton. They have control cabins lined with sensor-receptors connected to the pilot’s data suit. In this way, the T.A.G. reproduces the pilot’s movements, detected by sensors in his data suit and by a cybernetic interface. The pilot is completely locked inside the cabin, protected by several plates of armor.

Art 1

The O-Yoroi Kidobutai (Mechanized Mobile Regiment) is Yu Jing’s light assault T.A.G., specially designed for urban warfare and close quarters combat. The O-Yoroi belongs to the Japanese Sectorial Army, one of the small Yu Jing sub-armies, characterized by its Japanese idiosyncrasies. The name of this T.A.G. is taken from the heaviest armors of ancient samurai. In spite of its ballistic armament and point defense weaponry, O-Yoroi pilots emphasize close combat techniques and training in the use of the katana, so becoming true mechanized samurais.

O-Yoroi pilots are devoted followers of Bushido, the Path of the Samurai, the Nipponese code of the warrior. The key to Bushido is the acceptance of death — the samurai knows that each day is his last, because in every combat he is ready to die before failing. This strict code forges the most brave, honorable and unconquerable warriors on the battlefield.

Art 2The adherence of O-Yoroi Kidobutai pilots to Bushido, and the superior technology and weaponry they employ, makes them an elite unit that always leads attacks and operations requiring application of direct force, crying Banzai! through the outer loudspeakers of their combat machines.


As a light assault T.A.G. the O-Yoroi has some particularities new Yu Jing players must get to know in order to get the most out of this “mecha” troop. Unlike the Gūijiă, the other Yu Jing T.A.G. the O-Yoroi has one point less of the Armor (ARM) Attribute and its main weapon, the Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) doesn’t carry MULTI Special Ammunition. It also lacks the option to take a Heavy Grenade Launcher as a secondary weapon. This makes it somewhat weaker and less powerful when shooting in reaction (as it cannot shoot AP or DA Special Ammunition).

However, the O-Yoroi has its own distinctive merits. First, it is cheaper than the Guijia, which helps a lot when composing an army list in which it is not the only main attack unit, making it easy to combine it with a Domaru or a Haramaki Fireteam in a Japanese Sectorial Army list, for example. Its V: Courage Special Skill, alongside its high MovementArt 3(MOV) and Armor (ARM) values, makes it the best unit to run through the battlefield to take and hold a position.

The weaponry the O-Yoroi carries is quite versatile. The HMG is one of the most powerful weapons in Infinity as it combines high Burst (B), Damage and Range values. The Heavy Flamethrower is a dangerous Direct Template weapon, able to eliminate several enemies without rolling dice, and to damage Thermo-Optical Camouflage and Optical Disruptor Devices. The Explosive Close Combat Weapon makes the O-Yoroi a real samurai warrior, who has no fear of any enemy close combat specialist.

And don’t forget the nasty CrazyKoalas. These funny running mines create a danger area around the Japanese T.A.G. in which any enemy activated by an Order will suffer from their “explosive hug”. CrazyKoalas make it very difficult to reach the O-Yoroi, and help to solve tactical mistakes of “newbies” who realize they have placed their O-Yoroi in a hot spot on the battlefield, without support from any allied unit.

The O-Yoroi is a highly versatile unit, which covers a wide spectrum of game situations. An inexperienced player will find it very useful to play with, especially when facing difficult game scenarios, but a veteran player will know how to get the best out of this fearsome T.A.G. making it the nightmare of all his adversaries. Now, all Yu Jing players can follow the path of Bushido with the most powerful samurai of all, always ready to fight, always ready to win.

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