GTM #293 - Heroscape: Age of Annihilation
by Renegade Game Studios


 Cover of GTM #293; Heroscape - Age of Annihilation by Renegade Game Studios

Join the Battle of All Time!

The Heroscape launch is right around the corner! We are kicking off our Heroscape events at Gen Con 2024, and whether you’re a long-time Heroscape player or a curious newcomer, we have something special planned for you! Test your skills and get a free Shiori Premium Painted Miniature in our Battle Box events. For players with an army ready to go we are hosting premade events. Compete for special prizes, including an exclusive limited edition Heroscape 20th Anniversary t-shirt! Also, in celebration of Heroscape’s anniversary is the Heroscape: 20th Anniversary Championship. Battle it out with the best of the best in the ultimate test of skill and prowess.

Then, in September 2024, we will be launching our comprehensive Heroscape Organized Play Program. Many options are waiting for players looking to interact with the rich and growing Heroscape community and for friendly local game stores looking to establish a Heroscape community in their store. We invite our Renegade Retailers to become official Heroscape stores and host these and more events in the years to come. The first official Heroscape event is the Heroscape Launch Tournament in September 2024. Players can face off against each other and earn a premium painted Shiori promo miniature. Let’s learn more about Shiori!

Heroscape OP by Renegade Game Studios

Einar is one of Valhalla’s first Valkyrie Generals. He is known above all for his stoic enforcement of discipline. His army is more coordinated than Vydar’s Soulborgs, more loyal than Jandar’s stalwart knights, and more efficient than Aquilla’s wizards.

Shiori, by contrast, is none of these things. Einar’s summons plucked her from her home in Earth’s feudal Japan when she was barely in her teens, and she has been belligerently operating outside of his maxims ever since. Now a warrior grown, Shiori has spent her time in the mystical Valhalla honing her craft, and can blend Earth-style martial arts seamlessly with magic.

Einar may not approve of Shiori’s methods, but after her success in the Marro swamp, he knows his fate and hers are intertwined. And Shiori, though she could care less about Einar himself, will not fail those friends she does hold dear in this rising age of destruction.

 Heroscape OP by Renegade Game Studios

Shiori will be a fierce competitor on the battlefield. This tricky ninja won’t be easy to catch. Her phantom walk ability allows her to move through all figures, and she can’t be attacked when leaving engagements. Players will have to watch out for her Ninjutsu Mastery Special Attack and her Kieru abilities. These will allow her to strike hard and move fast! Don’t miss out on this great character! Tell your favorite local game store to sign up for the Heroscape Organized Play Program on www.heroscape.com and order their OP kit!

 Heroscape OP by Renegade Game Studios

If you’re looking for casual play opportunities, we have options for you! Every month a free scenario will be released on www.heroscape.com beginning in September 2024. The scenarios will contain dynamic content, keeping monthly drops fresh and exciting! Store tournaments are also available for those looking to play more casually. These tournaments are supported with regularly refreshed kits available to stores, which will facilitate an ongoing community and fan base in locations running tournaments. These kits will come with participation prizes for players. If you’re interested in store tournaments, tell your local game store to sign up for the Heroscape Organized Play Program today!

Also coming is the Heroscape Battle Network! This free advanced tournament software is for players, tournament organizers, and game stores. Players will be able to access a wide variety of tools and earn achievements all in one place. Tools such as the Heroscape Army Builder & Game Piece Database, Online Registration, and Tournament Format Information will all be accessible. Achievements will be an exciting feature of the Heroscape Battle Network. Players will be able to unlock achievements through tournament participation. These achievements grant players digital prizes and participation points. The earned participation points can be redeemed in the Heroscape Prize Store, allowing players a variety of Heroscape products and other prizes. Player Profiles will also be customizable! This permits people to show off their achievements, results, and progress in various Heroscape events. Earned participation points and achievements unlocks exclusive profile options, so the more you play, the more you’ll get! Players will be able to use the convenient store and event locators to find the closest Heroscape action to them. Retailers and players can find out more by visiting www.heroscape.com.

 Heroscape OP by Renegade Game Studios

The Heroscape Battle Network will be the go-to resource for local game stores. Heroscape Battle Network game stores will be able to host store championships in Spring 2025. Do you think you have what it takes to be crowned the champion of your favorite store? Encourage your local retailer to sign up! Winners receive exclusive prizes. They also earn a seat in Day Two of the Heroscape World Championship to be held at Gen Con in August 2025. Another way to secure a seat in the World Championship is by competing in the Regional Championships. These large-scale events will be hosted at select game stores in Spring 2025. This event features its own exclusive prize to be announced, so stay tuned! Top-placing players in Regional Championships will also earn a guaranteed seat on Day Two of the World Championship, skipping right past the qualifiers. Get ready to compete in this one-of-a-kind competition starting Spring 2025!

The Heroscape Organized Play Program is gearing up for a spectacular debut. There is truly something for everyone with both competitive and casual options establishing new Heroscape communities in game stores across the world. No matter your preferred play style, Renegade is dedicated to supporting not only the existing Heroscape community who has kept the OP community alive, but new Heroscape fans ready to get in on the action. Visit www.heroscape.com to learn more about all we have planned. Join us in the greatest battle of all time!