GTM #290 - Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Lustria Sourcebook
by Cubicle 7


Warhammer Fantasy RPG Lustria Sourcebook cover by Cubicle 7 

Games of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay regularly see bands of bold adventurers in dire situations. Tales of high heroics and endless riches may inspire prospective fortune hunters, but grim reality often sees them devoured by monsters, mangled by traps, or struck down by the embrace of disease or the elements.

And those are merely the dangers faced on the streets of Altdorf, the frontiers of the Border Princes, or the frigid waters of the Sea of Claws, threats that await adventurers should they dare step across the threshold of their own hovel. How much worse could things become if they dared journey across the Great Ocean, to the fabled land of Lustria? The perils of this verdant and mysterious continent is explored in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Lustria, a thrilling new book from Cubicle 7 Games.

Lustria is a strange and enigmatic continent. While players of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay may be well-versed in exploring the human nations of the Old World, Lustria offers an entirely new frontier, ripe with untold dangers and untapped potential. Forget the safety of fortified cities and disciplined armies; in Lustria, survival is a constant struggle against monstrous beasts, virulent illnesses, and hostile denizens. Only the boldest and most foolhardy adventurers would sail west to seek their fortunes in Lustria.

Yet many intrepid souls do just that, tempted across the Great Ocean to explore the mysterious land. Occupied for aeons by the children of the Old Ones, Lustria was discovered by explorers from the Old World over a thousand years ago, yet none of these younger nations has been able to establish more than a few precarious settlements along the continent’s eastern coastline. The environment and its denizens make simple survival a ceaseless challenge. To those drawn by the allure of riches, Lustria remains largely uncharted, its secrets guarded by impenetrable jungles and ancient civilizations.

 Lustria Sourcebook - Lizardman interior art

Lustria is a 224-page book for players and GMs of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It is available as a standard edition, which is lavishly illustrated with artwork and maps of the various regions of Lustria. The book draws on decades of carefully researched Warhammer lore, packed full of fascinating creatures, perilous locations, tools for both GMs and players, and endless gaming inspiration! Lustria is also available as a sumptuous Collectors’ Edition, which is bound in a teal cover embossed with a lizard-skin pattern and gold leaf details, while the pages are edged in gold leaf.

The book opens with a history of the mysterious continent, which is tied closely to the shaping of the world, the development of Elves, Dwarfs and Humans, and the coming of Chaos. Such lore will be familiar to many fans of Warhammer Fantasy, but here it is presented to help GMs distinguish between what they know as fans and the beliefs of the (largely illiterate and ignorant) inhabitants of Old World nations.

At the heart of Lustria lie the sprawling Temple-Cities of the Lizardmen, where Slann Mage-Priests labour to enact the cryptic designs of the Old Ones. This grand scheme, the Slann believe, was first concocted by the Old Ones, gold-like beings from beyond the heavens who reshaped this world. These ancient and mysterious beings have since disappeared or perished in the catastrophe that saw the emergence of Chaos. They left word of their plans on golden plaques, but their instructions are not always clear, and many of the Slann Mage-Priests have wildly differing interpretations of these directions.

 Lustria Sourcebook Slaan interior art

For the most part the differences of opinion among the Slann amount to little more than philosophical disputation, but they can grow out of hand, leading to clashes between armies of Lizardmen or the unleashing of powerful spells that reshape whole continents – to the considerable surprise of the people who live upon them.

The Slann and Lizardmen are the oldest inhabitants of Lustria, and the only beings in the world who are accustomed to its extreme climate, virulent diseases, and deadly fauna and flora. However, they are not the only species to make their homes within the swamps and jungles of the mysterious continent. Long ago, a clan of the rat-like Skaven emerged from their tunnels into the steamy Lustrian interior. Beset by sickness, they struck a dark pact with a pernicious and pestiferous power, re-emerging from their underground lairs as the Plague Monks of Clan Pestilens, and imbued with new reserves of resilience and an overriding purpose to spread decay and despair.

The easternmost shores of Lustria are known as the Vampire Coast, where patrols of the animated corpses of drowned mariners and forlorn explorers march under the tattered flags of Luthor Harkon. This self-styled Arch-Commodore and Emperor rules his domain from a decrepit castle built deep within the foetid borders of the Zombie Swamps, and his armies of ghouls, ghosts, vampires, and zombies prey upon those who stray within sight of his domain.

Threats such as Luthor Harkon, Lord Skrolk of Clan Pestilens, and several Lizardmen Characters are described so that GMs can pit them against their players as powerful nemeses.

 Lustria Sourcebook Deluxe edition

Join us on your next intrepid adventure, for even amidst such dangers, the allure of Lustria persists. From daring raids to ambitious trading ventures, the continent offers endless opportunities for those brave enough to seize them. But players will have to tread carefully, for while every step taken might bring them closer to the riches they covet, it also draws them that much closer to a gruesome demise.

Dave Allen is an ageing Developer for Cubicle 7. He has written a number of adventures and articles for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, enjoys playing the mandolin, and lives by the seaside in Northern Ireland with a pet hermit crab.