GTM #282 - Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught
by WizKids


D&D Onslaught  by WizKids

Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught, the definitive miniatures skirmish game set in the Forgotten Realms, released earlier this year and continues to expand with new scenarios, faction packs, and events. We talked to Alex Davy, Director of Miniatures Gaming at WizKids, to get the inside scoop on D&D Onslaught’s first pair of expansion factions, the Red Wizards and Many-Arrows. Additionally, Alex Davy gave us a deep dive into the development of the Sellswords, brawlers-for-hire and stars of the exclusive Trouble at the Tavern scenario contained in this issue of GTM!

Red Wizards

We wanted the Red Wizards to be a powerful magic faction. They’re the first summoners in Onslaught, which meshes well with their history of necromancy and the dark arts. They’re powerful ranged blasters but quite squishy up close, so we expect them to be a low-floor and high-ceiling team.

Red Wizards by WizKids

Our iconic Red Wizard is Quellabrelten Amasnodel, the Necromancer Wizard. You’ll note that he shares a family name with the Harper bard, Chloe, from the D&D Onslaught Core Set. Mysterious character connection! Although Quell is the “Healer” of the Red Wizards faction, he’s really a summoner by trade who proactively prevents damage to your team by making the enemies attack a bunch of skeletons instead. Although minions don’t count toward Control Points, they can clog up valuable spaces and act as road blocks as enemies try to make their way to important parts of the map.

Do you like zapping your enemies from afar while your undead minions do the dirty work for you? If so, the Red Wizards are the faction for you. The Red Wizards faction pack comes with a whole team of powerful summoners with miniatures that feature awesome translucent spell effect details.


Many-Arrows by WizKids


The Kingdom of Many-Arrows was founded by the orc Obould Many-Arrows who famously fought the adventurer Drizzt Do’Urden in single combat twice (earning a win and a draw). He signed a peace treaty with the nearby dwarves of Mithril Hall and was comfortable using both the carrot and the stick when expanding the borders of the Many-Arrows domain, establishing a peace that lasted hundreds of years.

The members of the Many-Arrows are tough and hardy. We wanted them to be D&D Onslaught’s premiere melee faction. They find ways to get up close and personal and then hit hard when they’re there; however, their ranged options are pretty limited. They also don’t have a lot of Armor Class, but they make up for it with plenty of Hit Points.

Do you prefer honest, direct confrontation over shady misdirection? Do you enjoy running straight up into your opponent’s grill to bully them up close? Do you play big Green creatures in Magic: The Gathering? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, the Many-Arrows might just be the ideal Onslaught faction for you.


Alex pointed out that “sellsword” is a fancier and more flavorful way of saying “mercenary,” so we went with that instead for the faction name. The Sellswords of Onslaught are characters who are unassociated with the other Factions who can be recruited to fight for any team. In gameplay terms, you can have one Sellsword character on your team (following other normal team composition rules for Roles and team size).

Even though the Sellswords aren’t an organization themselves, we still wanted them to have a bit of a Faction identity. You’ll notice they tend to be a little more specialized within their designated roles with decent to excellent Armor Class but slightly lower Hit Points. That helps the Sellswords all feel thematically consistent. We hope that people will use the Sellswords to try out new and interesting combinations of teams, but by limiting it to one Sellsword per team, you won’t be able to completely change your Faction’s identity and composition.

Our first Sellsword is Hangaku, the Kensei Monk. Do you like mobility and melee damage? She delivers! She has some ranged options to offer a little versatility, but her key feature is always ensuring that her damage goes through by ignoring damage reduction and her attacks have high to-hit modifiers.

D&D Onslaught  by WizKids

Next up is Kithra Coldforge, the Oathbreaker Paladin who specializes in throwing hammers. Although you can’t use Smite with ranged weapons in Dungeons & Dragons, you can pretend you can when using Kithra in Onslaught because those hammers hit hard! She is the slowest character in the game with a base Speed of 3, but she has some of the best HP and AC for a Ranged Damage unit, and her Inflict Wounds can punish opponents who close in. Her effectiveness gets reduced when she’s Bloodied, so opponents will have to make a choice on whether they want to try to focus down this durable ranged combatant or not.

Molly Farhill, the Knowledge Cleric, venerates the God of Wisdom, Oghma. We wanted to theme her abilities to showcase her versatility and foresight. I love this character so much because she touches on some new design space. Dispel Magic! Get rid of bad conditions affecting you or good conditions affecting your enemies. So useful! Her self-buff can either increase damage or AC, so you can adapt to the game state. But the real spice in the Molly Farhill pumpkin spice latte is her ability to exchange enemy Initiative Cards. Just the threat of that ability is enough to play serious head games with your opponent.

D&D Onslaught  by WizKids

While Molly might be my favorite from a game design perspective, Dralm the Rune Knight Fighter is unequivocally my favorite sculpt in the entire Onslaught line. The existing Tortle miniatures out there are terrific, but many look like they’re busy teaching inner peace to overweight pandas. We wanted a rough and tumble Tortle bruiser who looks like he’s ready to throw down with slightly less than a fistful of adolescent ninja, and that’s exactly what the sculpting team delivered. Dralm has some tricky Rune effects, but his bread and butter is getting free hits off adjacent enemies who are Slowed and Rooted. One of his cooldowns can Root and he can Slow on a crit, but you’ll really want to pair him with teammates who can help inflict those conditions for him.

We’re excited to see how the Sellswords shake up the existing landscape and see which mercenaries players choose to employ with each Faction!