GTM #280 - HeroClix Iconix
by WizKids


HeroClix Iconix Thanos by WizKids 

We were thrilled with the enthusiastic response to the all-new imprint for the HeroClix miniatures game, HeroClix Iconix. HeroClix Iconix is a new series of pre-painted miniatures designed to translate iconic moments and characters into premium collectibles that can also fully integrate with the HeroClix miniatures game. 

HeroClix Iconix Thanos by WizKids

Featuring iconic stories, characters, and cultural moments from the universes of heroes and villains, the WizKids team has concepted HeroClix Iconix to create appealing non-blind figure assortments for new and existing minis collectors. Luckily, we have many more Iconix releases lined up for eager fans!

HeroClix Iconix products feature gatefold, display-friendly packaging that allows collectors to showcase their minis and the characters and stories that they love. All HeroClix Iconix minis will have full gameplay, including premium character cards. The HeroClix team recognizes that there are two different, overlapping audiences for the product, those who love collecting and displaying their minis and those that love the depth-of-strategy of the minis game.

HeroClix Iconix Spiderman Left by WizKidsHeroClix Iconix Spider-Man Right by WizKids

Spider-Man Double Identity was the first-ever Marvel HeroClix Iconix release. Made specifically for the collector, Iconix captures the moments that you love from the comics universe and brings them to your game shelf, play table, or HeroClix collection. This Iconix release brings to life a beloved scene from the "Double Identity" episode of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon that has found a second life spreading virally around the comic and online communities becoming a culturally iconic Spidey scene!

HeroClix Iconix Captive Hearts Wolverine by WizKids

Captive Hearts Wolverine, which releases this month, is a snapshot from X-Men: The Animated Series has inspired countless memes and riffs on Wolverine’s low moment. This single-figure set features Wolverine reclining on an oblong “peanut” base, staring longingly at a framed photo of Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Scott Summers (Cyclops) as he recovers from his battle wounds.

Finally, this special preview of the upcoming Thanos Snap! shows the man, the myth, the legend himself with gauntlets raised! Everyone remembers where they were when Thanos snapped the Infinity Gauntlet and wiped out half of all living beings in the universe. Now you can capture that moment in mini form on your desk, shelf, or on the battlefield!

HeroClix Iconix Thanos Card Front by WizKidsHeroClix Iconix Thanos Card Back by WizKids

The relatively small footprint and large cross-market appeal of HeroClix Iconix makes them the perfect entry point for any retail establishment that is not accustomed to carrying HeroClix products in their other forms, such as booster bricks or starter sets.

HeroClix Iconix products will range from single figure packs to 8+ figures. The range in figures represents the ability to accurately represent exactly what fans crave from cultural superhero and villain moments. All miniatures will be playable in “Modern format” HeroClix events. Players can rest assured that collectability and competitive viability are being carefully balanced for each product.

HeroClix Iconix Spider-Man by WizKids

Specialty game and comics retailers will be the first place you can buy HeroClix Iconix! WizKids will give brick-and-mortar stores the majority of product and a first-to-market sales window. After the first-to-market window, a limited quantity will be offered via shop.wizkids.com and at conventions. For the first launch of Spider-Man Double Identity, there was a limited direct-to-consumer online fan pre-sale that will be fulfilled approximately one month after retailers have received their stock. Successive releases will be launched in a similar manner, however there will be some sets that are entirely exclusive to retailers. These will not be available through any other sales channels.

Beginning in early 2023, most months will include a HeroClix Iconix release. WizKids will provide sales information approximately six months prior to most releases. Display box dimensions vary by figure count. HeroClix Iconix products will not be reprinted. Primarily, this will be a store-driven product. Retailers will get a first-to-market exclusive window with the product. Additionally, these products will be built for display and are closer in execution to the wants of an action figure or toy collector, especially from a packaging standpoint. It’s like getting an entire wave of action figures all in one box.

HeroClix Iconix Captive Hearts Wolverine by WizKids

Ideally, retailers will have the opportunity to restock before product is available in limited quantities online. We’re hopeful that with the benefit of early store pre-order information that we will begin to more accurately project demand out for upcoming releases. We will consider print-to-order solutions, but our hope is to drive more HeroClix players into stores where retailers can provide them the best experience, including Organized Play, game demos, and product-related events.