GTM #279 - Disney Lorcana
by Ravensburger


Disney Lorcana by Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana is an exciting new collectible trading card game (TCG) featuring glimmers of Disney characters who appear in both familiar and reimagined forms. Developed by Ravensburger, Disney Lorcana is designed to be accessible and welcoming for newcomers to TCGs while still offering strategic depth and challenges for experienced players.

In Disney Lorcana, you’ll race against other players to gather lore scattered across the realm. The first player to gather 20 lore wins. Taking on the role of an Illumineer who wields magic ink, you’ll use a 60-card deck including glimmers of Disney characters as well as items, songs, and more to gather lore and challenge your opponents. Players can build their own deck using up to two inks or use one of the pre-built starter decks.

Disney Lorcana Cheshire Cat by RavensburgerDisney Lorcana Robin Hood card by Ravensburger

You’ll begin the game with a hand of seven cards and draw a new card each turn. Once per turn, you may turn a card into ink, which you’ll use to play other cards from your hand. All cards have an ink cost that can be paid with the ink in your inkwell. The more cards you have in your inkwell, the more powerful cards you can play and the more you can do. Choose which cards to add to your inkwell carefully!

To gather lore, you’ll need to send characters to quest for it. On your turn, you can exert those glimmers to have them quest. Just turn them sideways to show they’re exerted, and you get the amount of lore shown on their cards. You can also exert your characters to challenge other characters and perhaps even banish them. This can really slow players down, since they need characters to gather lore! Only exerted characters can be challenged, though, so think ahead when deciding which ones to exert—they’ll be open to challenges on your opponents’ turns.

Disney Lorcana Booster DisplayDisney Lorcana Starter Display

Characters in a challenge deal each other damage equal to their strength. They can also receive damage from other effects outside of a challenge, and it adds up over time. You’ll keep track of a character’s damage using counters you put on the card. If the number of damage counters on a character reaches their willpower, they’re banished! Put the card in your discard pile. For more information on how to play Disney Lorcana, visit disneylorcana.com.



The Lorcana League gives you a fun and friendly way to play, trade, and collect with other Illumineers. In League play, local game stores will host 12 weeks of events, broken up into three rounds. You can earn League points, win or lose, by participating in casual Disney Lorcana matches (best two of three games) and through Lorcana-related activities, such as teaching someone how to play. Prizes are awarded to most of the participants, and those with the most points in each round are given a modest additional prize.

Ravensburger plans tournaments in the future to give fans bigger opportunities to prove their talent for gameplay.


Disney Lorcana Mickey Mouse card by RavensburgerDisney Lorcana Maleficent card by Ravensburger


Disney Lorcana will be available in friendly local game stores on August 18, 2023—two weeks before reaching other retailers. To preorder, talk to your store!

Learn more at disneylorcana.com.


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