GTM #268 - D&D Frameworks Wave 2
by WizKids



More Sprue on the Horizon

Now that Dungeons & Dragons Frameworks first release has hit the shelves, and everyone has had a chance to see for themselves what they’re all about, it’s time to talk about what’s coming next.

Firstly, if you’re only just hearing about these miniatures now, Frameworks are WizKids’ line of customizable, sprue-based miniatures: minis made of HIPS plastic, that you clip off the frame and assemble yourself. What’s more, Frameworks miniatures are customizable, with multiple options for building each figure, and plenty of spare parts that you can mix and match between minis to make each one truly unique. The first minis arrived in stores in April, and the next release, Wave 2, is scheduled for Fall.


What’s Next?

With Frameworks Wave 2, WizKids introduces over two dozen new customizable miniatures, including eight new player characters, more giants, more monsters, and, to top it all off, a figure that’s sure to make an impression on the tabletop (or in the display case): the Adult Red Dragon.


Frameworks Wave 1 started with a solid roster of PCs, but of course there are so many race and class combinations that including them all wouldn’t have left any room for monsters! So, Wave 2 introduces eight more popular character types, from a gnome warlock to a goliath barbarian, plus alternate genders for several of the PCs from Wave 1, like the halfling rogue, tiefling warlock, and more.


Monsters for Wave 2 include some old favorites, including two more giants, Multi-Packs of gnolls and skeletons, a devil, some demons, and some of D&D’s various iconic creatures.


Trying Some New Things

We are also experimenting with a couple of new-ish concepts. Knowing, for example, that a ghost figure would be best presented in clear polystyrene, we planned it as an entirely clear sprue frame—allowing you to either paint it with inks or shades, or to just prime the whole thing and paint it as you would any other figure. This let us throw in more traditionally clear objects, such as bottles and other items made of glass or crystal, as the ghost figure’s “spare parts,” for those of you who like to kitbash.


Along similar lines, we wanted to present some of Dungeons & Dragons’ more interesting familiars—imps, quasits, pseudodragons, and sprites—but not just as accessories to other figures. So, we designed them in poses that allow them to stand on their own, as individual creatures, but also in poses that allow them to be attached easily to another figure’s shoulder. Further, the poses of each of these miniatures are similar enough that you can mix and match the objects from their individual poses, without having to convert the figures.



More Multi-Packs

Wave 2 includes new Multi-Packs: gnolls and zombies. Our concept artist and sculptors have pulled out the stops to make these monsters some of WizKids’ most horrifying miniatures yet…more than living up to their descriptions in the Monster Manual and Volo’s Guide to Monsters.


And just as with Wave 1’s Multi-Packs, these will include several “numbering bits”—arrows for the zombies, and skulls for the gnolls—as well as spare parts, and even some hyenas and a witherling “pet” to add a little more danger to encounters with the gnolls.


The First Frameworks Dragon

Finally, Wave 2 presents the first of many Huge dragon figures specifically designed for Frameworks: the Adult Red Dragon.

The Frameworks concept artist, Tom Babbey, envisioned this red dragon in an iconic pose, full of menace and radiating malice. In addition to being equipped with multiple head and claw options, this dragon has two different terrain pieces, either of which can be used as separate battlefield elements.


There’s also an added terrain piece—the skull of a dead frost giant—which can either be added to the existing terrain, or be utilized as its own separate terrain…or serve as the base for another figure in the red dragon box: a kobold defender. This scaly little companion is equipped with a shortbow and flaming arrows, ready to harry enemy spellcasters who might potentially pose a threat to his fire-breathing overlord.

Of course, there are plenty of other miniatures waiting for you in Wave 2…and you should see the entire line on the shelves at your favorite local game store before the end of the year.


 * * *