GTM #244 - WizKids WarLock Tiles™: The Next Level in Dungeon Creation
by WizKids



Here at Wizkids, we’ve always been huge fans of tabletop RPGs—creating new and exciting ways to upgrade your games is something we strive for. Today, we are proud to unveil the newest addition to our RPG line: WarLock Tiles  (patent pending)! In our own campaigns, we’ve always wanted to create detailed, immersive environments for our miniatures on the table. At the same time, the versatility of a paper maps was a key component in being able to create exciting moments and huge surprises in our games. We decided that we wanted to get the best of both worlds, so with WarLock Tiles, we created a product that both looks great on the table and can be changed on the fly.

WarLock Tiles are highly-detailed, painted, modular tiles that can used with any game system that uses a one-inch grid. The tiles are double-sided, allowing you to use either a stone or wooden look, and come in multiple shapes and sizes. Long tiles and larger ones allow you to efficiently create rooms and hallways, where the standard size tiles are perfect for making highly customized areas. Using our WarLock Clip system, each tile can attach to other tiles, walls, doors, and other WarLock pieces to put together a custom map in seconds. Sections of the map can be hidden from your players, then brought to the table and clipped into position with ease. Those pieces can be pulled apart easily too, allowing you to change or adjust the play area as you see fit. The effects of a crumbling bridge or false wall can immediately take place on the tile layout, allowing for more immersive gameplay with your miniatures.

We also wanted to make sure WarLock Tiles were compatible with anything existing in your collection and are happy to report that WarLock Tiles are fully compatible with Openlock and Dragonlock tiles! By using the adaptor clips included in our sets, you can use WarLock Tiles with your existing tile layouts, and further expand your adventures. We always want WarLock Tiles to add to your experience and making sure our tiles were as compatible as possible was key in making that reality.

Another innovation we included are inner walls; one of our concerns with existing tiles is that walls had to sit on top of them, using up space on the grid, creating awkward moments, and taking away space from your miniatures. Our solution was inner walls, walls that can slide between the grooves where two tiles clip together. Not only do they not interfere with the grid space at all, they also are easy to place and remove, allowing for even more customization of your dungeon layout. We even went one step further – the bottom of each wall has a channel that makes sure the walls will not affect the base of your miniatures. The outer walls were also designed with this same concept and do not interfere with the grid space of the tiles.

The initial offering of WarLock Tiles is centered around two kits: Dungeon Tiles I and Town and Village I. Both kits include tons of tiles, walls, and doorways to accommodate whatever layout you wish to create. Dungeon Tiles I features the imposing stone walls of the classic fantasy dungeon, and can be used to create scenes as simple as an enormous grand hall or as complex as a labyrinth of hallways. With the modularity of WarLock Tiles, you can quickly adjust the layout to suit your storyline. For example, a fake wall could be discovered, and a new hallway can be added to your layout on the fly, giving way to a mysterious new path for your heroes. Town and Village I includes wooden walls to create indoor scenes like a tavern or home, and endless possibilities. Perhaps you find the meeting room of a gang of thieves hidden in the back of the local bar, or a secret ritual chamber in the home of the village baker.

The WarLock Tiles line also launches with accessory kits to further customize your experience. Doors and Archways contains several different doors to customize your creations even further. Stairs and Ladders allows you to set up multi-floor scenes. Dungeon Dressings includes all manner of objects to add flavor to your scenes. Summoning Circles includes a glowing LED tile and numerous magic circles you can place on it. Finally, Expansion Pack I and WarLock Clips give you additional pieces to work with, allowing you to make bigger and more complex setups. We also have plans to release additional accessory kits for WarLock Tiles over time, to allow for even more customization. Look forward to an announcement of more accessory packs coming later in 2020!

Our main goal with WarLock Tiles was to make a player focused product. We believe the choices we made with these kits and expansions were the best way to accomplish that goal. We know players want to be able to tell what is happening at a glance from anywhere at the table, so we used half-height walls and baked gridline into the tile sculpts. We also know that some players want their dungeons to be a clean as possible, while others would want to fill them with decoration. We split the product into tile focused and accessory focused items to fulfill both needs. This allowed each box to focus on delivering only what the customer would want, rather than having to purchase a box that only includes some of what they want.

Another goal we had for WarLock Tiles was for them to be affordable. Current tile systems require a lot of investment and we wanted to offer an inexpensive alternative that could reach more gamers. The MSRP for Dungeon Tiles I and Town and Village I is $99.99, and the MRSP of all accessory kits is $49.99. We believe this is an exceptionally compelling price point and will let more players experience using tiles in their roleplaying games. We are extremely excited to see all the amazing designs our fans create when the WarLock Tile system releases later this year! WarLock Tiles are a fun way to add atmosphere to your roleplaying adventure, and we hope you are as excited to play with them as we are!