GTM #226 - Spell Smashers
by Renegade Game Studios


Some wizards, witches, and other magical beings combine mysterious elements and rare ingredients to create dangerous concoctions. But why is it always newt eyes and wolfsbane being thrown into the pot? In Spell Smashers, you’re a slightly different kind of magic-wielding adventurer. Instead of tossing together strange components you found in your grandmother’s cupboard, you’ll use the power of words to venture through the dungeon in search of monsters, glory, and beer! After all, the pen is mightier than the sword! 

You and a few other competing explorers have decided to leave the comfort of your bustling town to venture into the depths of the unknown. By harnessing the power of your vocabulary, you will battle monsters, collect loot, and flaunt your trophies when you return to town to prepare for the next expedition. 

A successful hunt will depend both on your ability to combine your available letters into words and your aptitude for managing the resources you have. Monsters have various abilities, weaknesses, and armor against different types of letters, so you’ll need to carefully choose which letters to use. Each letter has the power of either earth, fire, or water supporting it. Depending on the monsters you encounter, you will want to create different words to take advantage of letters that will deal extra damage based on their damage type and the monster’s traits. For example, a Rash Minotaur has a weakness to fire, so you may want to choose a shorter word that uses letters with the fire damage type instead of a longer word using only earth and water letters.

When you deal damage to a monster, you gain precious coins. You’ll be able to use these to buy useful gear, potions, or other items in town later. When you defeat a monster, you collect that monster as a trophy and gain a new letter to use later on! Each monster you slay will help you spell bigger and more damaging words as you progress through the game. But beware — as you battle these dangerous creatures, you receive wounds, which are difficult letter combinations that could ruin your day. They may be more difficult to use, clog up your hand, and count against you at the end of the game. 

Between battles, you will visit the local town and spend your hard-earned loot to outfit yourself with powerful gear, take on new quests, buy devious potions, or grab an ale at the tavern as you boast about your battle scars. 

If all this talk of spelling has you worried, let me reassure you. This is no typical spelling game. If you have a knack for organizing a jumble of letters into a meaningful and large words, you will deal more damage to the ferocious beasts in your path. However, you can easily lose the trophy to a sneaky rogue player that swoops in for the kill after you soften up the target. Whoever concocts the largest word will battle first, but most of the monsters have 15-20 health. Delivering that much damage in one swing is unlikely, so you’ll want to be a bit more strategic when choosing your words.

More damage can help you gain more coins which you can use in town to buy potions from the alchemist to change the letters in your hand, deal a different flavor of damage with one of your cards, or discard unwanted cards. You can also use your hard-earned cash to shop for armor and weapons to help you fight future battles or go straight for victory points by purchasing beer and quests. Spending your actions and money in town wisely can easily mean the difference between a fair fight and an epic defeat. You’ll need more than a dictionary to succeed in this game! 

Set your sights on fame and glory as you smash monsters with your spelling skills and rid the world of evil!


Solo Mode! 

Think you can save the town from an onslaught of nefarious brutes all on your own?  The other more squeamish “heroes” have fled the village and it’s up to you to defeat waves of monstrosities while they systematically try to destroy the buildings and make way for The Boss! Surviving this final battle will be unlike any challenge you’ve faced. It will require ingenuity, careful resource management, and a keen sense of spelling to defeat this bully. Can you survive?